Skinwalker on the dirt road

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My names Haily. I live in a small town in Florida where there isn’t much do to other than ride dirt roads. It was around I wanna say Junior year of high school. me and my old friend we’ll just call her A was riding dirt roads late one night probably around 1-2 in the morning because like I said there isn’t much to do here. We were coming around a corner on this dirt road and in my headlights we can see something standing in the ditch. So without thinking I stop my car. This thing began to step onto the road. Me and A are just staring in shock as this thing began to walk across the road. It had to be at least 7 foot tall and had the legs of a goat. It had no fur at all just pale grayish white skin. It look malnourished as we could see it’s ribs. It was nearing the edge of the road before it stopped to look directly at us. And in that moment we made eye contact with it. It had the yellowest eyes you’ve ever seen. If continued walking into the woods and when it finally disappeared I sped off and we rushed home. Till this very day I can’t tell you what the face looked like. Just the stare of those Menacing eyes. It wasn’t until last year around Halloween I started watching your videos and got an idea of what i seen that night. I have a family member who has family that are Navajo descent she when to visit them and I got her to ask for me if it was a skinwalker. Before she finished my story. The man she was asking asked about the eyes and if they were yellow. Sorry my stories not as scary as other but it’s without a doubt one of the scariest moments in my life

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The premises of your story is very frightening but the reader looses all the fright because you didn’t proof read your story before posting. Since this incident happened near your home, I would be very careful in going out on night drives in the middle of nowhere.