Skinwalker of lee acres

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My name is Tommey. Im from a small town called Farmington in New mexico. I live right next to the navajo reservation. Near the area of where they filmed “skinwalker canyon” on ghost adventures.

The story im telling happend the summer of 2014. I have many stories and a picture of a footprint from what I believe to be a child skinwalker.

One night me and my friends robert, angelina, and richard snuck out. We were just kids at the time and didnt really know what we were doing. Robert, Angelina and Richard were siblings.

All four of us left to our other friends house about 2:00 AM. It was a normal night, insects out for night hunting, crickets chirping and shooting stars in the sky.

We went to their window. Ryan, the oldest brother answered. We ended up taking Ryan and Lorelle because Aaron was too tired to go anywhere. We left, just Me, Angelina, Richard, Robert, Ryan and Lorelle. We trekked back to our neighborhood.

Angeling (being a girly girl) needed internet so we stopped outside one of our other friends house. It was two a.m but we just needed to sit on the road to get a connection.

We went to this place so smoke some weed. It was an old abandoned junk yard that was in our neighborhood. We went down the long back road and reach the junk yard.

There was two big storage containers. One locked with a giant chain and lock, the other was opened freely. We chose to hunker down in there to smoke being that it was close to the exit.

We smoked and talked like regular teens. Nothing happend when we were in there but it was a different story when we left back to our roads.

We went back to our friends for internet after we smoked. Angelina was sitting on the pavement part of the driveway. The rest was dirt roads. My friend Robert screamed! “Do you see that? It just crawled across the road!”

I didn’t see anything being that it was dark. The only light sorce was the half full moon reflecting in my shiney shoes, But then I saw it. It was crouched down, almost like an alien.

It had crawled back onto the dirt road. Deep, yellow eyes. The body was glowing yellow as well. Im not sure if it was the moon causing a difference in color. It crawled twards us and then… BAM! It stopped dead in its tracks then backed up and dissappeared into the field next to the junkyard.

The next night we were being stupid and we wanted to hunt it. Me, richard, and robert got bb guns, screwdrivers and other steel weapons and went back to where we saw it. As we were approaching the street light I smelled a horrid scent. I gagged. Richard being a weirdo said ” Its a dead body”. I laughed. We were calling it out.

Skinwalker! Come out! I then called it a pussy and got scared. We started walking again and we stopped not even ten feet from where we were. It was our neighbors chickens. It freak out for a second and we heard three loud bangs. They were so loud I felt it in my stomach. The clucking stopped abruptly. It was odd because now, it was utterly silent. Nothing… no bugs… just air.

We ended up going back home. The next morning we went to tell Richard and Roberts father about what happened. He was a medicine man and yelled at us for calling out the thing. He blessed them but not me.

We went back to the chicken pin and in the alley in the back there was one dead chicken. To this day I know what I saw.

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