Skinwalker in my Subdivision

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Okay so im an 28 now but at the time of this event I was much younger. I was 15 years and at the time I was much smaller than I am now because I ran cross country for my school in Pickerington ohio. At the time I lived in a new development called Violet meadows.

When we built our house there we where one of the first houses in the subdivision.

This is important to know further in the story. We lived in one of the best new and up and coming subdivisions in Pickerington at the time and nothing bad ususally ever happened in this town.

So for me I was more sheltered and naïve at this time in my life throwing wind to caution and danger.

I will say this looking back on the event now I am extremely lucky it did not end worse. So before I started cross country in high school I was getting ready for the season to start in the fall so I would spend my evenings at night( when the sun went down) running around my subdivision until I hit three miles.

Before I started running my father took me around the subdivision to make a track of how long and where I needed to run to hit three miles.

The Subdivision was large but running around you would have to run down the main road of the subdivision and then come back and run around the last block of houses in the back of the subdivision to make a complete mile. Now at the time of this we had been living in the house for about two years and most of the subdivision was built up by then.

there where some roads still vacant of houses especially the block of houses in the back at the time there was only maybe three around and they were just being built or completed .

It was also missing the street lights on a lot of the roads so there would be sprits of road in complete darkness that I would have to run through because I decided to always run when the sun went down. It was august so the sun didn’t go down til like 8 or so , so I would run when the sun had set so it wasn’t so hot out and with school everymorning I could never manage to run in the morning so night it was.

So on this night the sun was long gone , and it was nice a breezy but very very quiet almost peaceful and I knew it was later than I normally ran but I was determined to get a quick run in since it was so nice out ,so I started on my way.

I got through the long hall of the long main road with few spirts of darkensss where the street light where missing.

Okay so before I continue im sort of a werido, Let me explain. I get scared very easily I may be the biggest scardy cat you have ever met, With that being said I was a head jammer , I listened to all the good bands when I ran linken park, slipknot, korn, and system of the down.

I would run and scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs when I would run through the spirtes darkness like it was some sort of protection over me.

I thought if in my head well atleast if something is trying to get me I can seem intimadiating. Right because me 5’3 150pounds female, screaming linkin park at the top of my lungs is really intimadiating right? Probably not! Anyways half way back through my run I started to get a pain in my stomach like I did something awful and then I felt it , I felt like eyes where watching me.

You know when you know.

I thought maybe I was just being paranoid so I kept pushing through it.

I was now at the back of the subdivision where there was only two street lamp lighting up the few houses that where in the process of being built or where recently moved into. I was listening to “faint” by linkin park and I remembered as I exited the light and began sprinting down the stip of street with no lights and complete darkness I felt like as soon as I hit the darkeness I was in a chase for my own life.

I Sprinted as fast as I could screaming the lyrics too faint, It felt like some one was running right behind me and where within fingures reach of me. I felt like I was trying to run out of my own body to get away. I was so afraid there was no time to turn around.

When I emerged a the other end of the block I was greeted with light fillinf the street and I was met with relief.

I was still unnerved but i thought that I was just being silly. So I went and ran the main road and this time the feeling wasn’t there. But then as I ran back towards the poorly lit block in the back I started to feel my heart in my stomach again.

The closer I got the worse it got.

Until I got to the last street light. It hit me then , that I wasn’t alone my body was really trying to tell me something the feeling was so unreal it made me stop in my tracks. I am so glad I did now looking back.

I stopped took my headphone out of my ears and just stopped and listened. I heard a scuffle coming from the right where the street light was at. In front of the street light about 30 feet away from me was a large dumpster they use for construction outside a house that was being built.

Then I saw it, I saw what was watching me… the thing was peeking its head out from behind the dumpster , the light was peering from behind it so I could not see and features since they where not in the light directly other than its shape.

The thing that scared me the most was how this thing was shaped its neck was unusually long thin and its head was in the shape of a large long oval not proportionate to its body. There was no hair visible on top of its head the light would have lit that up. I stood there staring back at the creature for atleast half a minute when it moved.

It cocked its head to the right unnaturally and began to wave fast and almost aggressively. It was so unnatural I began to scream. But not in the victim sort of way you normally hear about. I was screaming directly at it like I was going to do something to actually scare whatever it was.

“I have a Fucking knife and I will cut you in half if you try anything mother fucker! “ I said screaming at the top of my lungs.

As soon as the words exited my mouth it straightened its neck back from it cocked position unnervingly. It immediately stopped waving and quickly disappeared behind the dumpster so I could no longer see what it was.

“I will fucking kill you ! Do you hear me I will tear you apart!” I screamed one last time trying to sound intimidating now. I was so close to this house with this thing and there were no houses in the area at the time that I knew of the people had moved into.

So if I ran the chances of this thing catching me where high and with no one around to hear me I knew I was royally screwed .

I started to tear up from all the terror and panic.

I began to look at the street for sign of people living in any of these houses around me but all the light where off and I didn’t see an cars. I started to hear scuffling again from my right just as I saw the the house to the left of me had kids window stickers in the windows.

Which clicked in my head that someone must me moved in finally. As soon as I realized this was my only shot , I began screaming no like the typically victim at the top of my lungs so that if anyone was up they would hear me. I screamed and yelled until I reached their door.

I began pounding on the door when I heard a a shout from across the street “I will fucking kill you “Repeated back to me in my voice but not quite the same as mine like it was mimicking me.

“Help Please” I screamed in utter terror as I clawed and pounded hoping someone would come to my rescue.

By some miracle this young couple who just had a baby answered the door completely confused as half asleep.

“can we help..” they tried to make the words out, but I cut them off quickly.

I quickly explained what happened 12 times over because I couldn’t get the words out the first few times I was so shaken. Once the Man understood what I said had happened he left the door entrance without saying a word leaving his wife to usher me through their door and into their home .

He came out of their bedroom with a shotgun and asked where the thing I saw was. When I explained the thing to them I explained I wasn’t sure if it was a man or not.

The man exited the house and went toward where the creature had been.

I was on the phone with my mom at the point and she was one her way to get me from down the road. The man came back and said he didn’t see anything. I was so grateful for all their help without them im not sure what would have happened. I went home and got a scolding for running so late at night and would you believe that was the last time I ran outside when the sun wasn’t out.

Looking back at the events in my mind anything could have happened, and from listening to these scary stories on youtube.

I believe I may have came in counter with a skinwalker or mimic creature of some kind. Still unsure and I know I will never know but the first year when I was 13 and we lived there I remember going into the woods with my friend andrea which was right behind this specific block.

As soon as we got ten feet in andrea screamed and ran out of the woods leaving me behind. I ran after her terrified and when I asked her what had happened she said there was a man up in the trees just watching us.

I kept probing for answers from her but all she said she could see was his eyes looking straight through her.

And the weirdest part about these trees they weren’t exactly climbing trees all the branches where atleast 10 feet off the ground and where very tall so how did this guys just get up there.

Sarah Hammond

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