Skinwalker in Eagle Mountain

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This happened a few years ago. But thank god, it only happened once.

My sister went on a walk around 10 at night, I will not be using her real name in this story for privacy purposes so lets call her Rosalie. It was a sort of cloudly, and cold night, the moon was out, and it gave off a little light, but she could still see. I wasn’t with her that night, I was safe at home watching a movie. When she was near the town park, a silhouette vof something was near her.

Upon closer expection, she could see that it wasn’t human.

One one of the streetlights, she saw that the shadow was one that looks like a whole bunch of different animals at once.
May I remind you, she was not under the influance or halusanating.

So, this is all real. She calmly started walking away as it came a little closer. My sister than turned around and started speed walking back to the house. Taking a few looks back, she could see that it never made any advanceaces towards her after she had started speeding up.

When she got home, she looked rather shaken up, shaky, and pale. My other sister asked her what was wrong and she explained the whole incident. Even though I was around 9 and gullable at the time, I still belive her to this day. Espesaly from the look on her, her look told me that whatever she saw was definetlly there, and definetly real.

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