The Skinwalker that Followed Us

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By Backwoodsman78

Before I go and tell this I want to make sure to all of you listening that these things are real. Including this story. Me and my friend had decided to go hunting but to a new spot.

The new spot was almost about 4 miles from my house, we were dropped off by my dad just a mile in to sortve reduce the walk and not scare off the deer. It was around 5:20a.m. When we got in and started walking but as I looking up and along the tree line I saw a tall figure standing. I assumed it was just a configuration of trees and branches that looked like thay just from where I was standing. But I did not dare say anything to my friend.

Not even going 30 yards In front of me a noise up the steep bank caught my eye and as I looked up I saw something I had only heard of. It had to be around 6’4 or 6’5 as I’m 6’2.

I immediately got behind a tree as I thought to myself maybe it’s just another hunter. But the real dread came when I realized we were right now around 5 miles in from an actual real road, and were no where near a property line. I had preloaded a .308 FMJ round in my Remington. I told my friend that I didn’t care who or what it was it was going to be dead. We sat for around 3 minutes and it began walking down the side of the mountain right towards us.

Getting a closer look it was tall, skinny, and what really gave it away in my mind was that it had this hat on its head. I knew what it was as soon as my eyes hit it, it was the snout and fur of a coyote. My blood ran cold and so did my trigger finger.

I was completely just paralyzed in fear and amazement that this was what me and my friend were seeing. I didn’t wait any longer and I threw my Remington up and shot it, and as the bullet hit you could hear this god awful noise come out of it. I really can’t describe it but it was between a panther and an elk.

To this day I have never returned to that side of the property nor that road, but me and my friend still do speak about what we saw that morning. I’m not sure what it was or what it was wanting, all I know is there was no way in hell it was human.

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