Skinwalker at Summer Camp

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Hello, I wanted to share this story in case anybody has had a similar experience. So some background info is that when I was in second grade, I attended an all-girls summer camp. I’m now 15 but I remember this like yesterday. So here it is…

As a young kid I was really shy and not very social so when I find someone I connect with, I very rarely talked to anyone but them. So I used to attend a summer camp up in the beautiful Pocono Mountains next to a huge lake. So when I was there after a couple weeks, I had connected with a counselor who I will call Beth. She had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She was the coolest person my small seven-year-old self-had ever met.  Every year we had these cool nighttime celebration with food and bonfires. So everyone in my cabin was getting ready and I was sitting on on the porch of the cabin. I heard my name and looked up to see Beth out at the edge of the woods and calling my name. Just over and over but the longer I listened, it sounded…wrong. Almost like a broken radio.

I got up, thinking she was hurt or needed help so I started walking toward her but the closer I got, the less I realized it was her. She was too tall, her legs too long for her body and her movements were jerky and wrong. But when I looked into her eyes I immediately knew it wasn’t her. Her eyes were a goat’s eyes, yellow and slit pupils. I almost screamed and ran into my cabin, thoroughly worrying my cabin mates.

While everyone went to the celebration, I stayed in the cabin I was not going back out with that thing still there. Now that I’m 15 and have listened to stuff similar and done research, I’ve come to realize that it was most likely a skinwalker who was trying to impersonate my favorite counselor. Please tell me if any of you have seen something similar or the same.


I included pictures of the camp and woods.



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bruh, that sounds more like the Goatman. Either way, that’s some creepy ass shit. 😱