Skinwalker at my house!

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Just to give you some background my name is Logan and we just got out of School for summer break, and at the time I was only 17 years old and I’m a pretty big man who plays football. One night my parents decided that they would go out for a while for a week and I had the house to myself so I invited my friends over to spend the night and well played games and would play truth or dare. After a while my friend suggested that we should go outside and try to scare ourselves, and at the time it seemed like a good idea. So we grabbed flashlights and went out, and after a while my friends started hitting trees and scaring each other. After a while we stopped, and then we here a crack!
I asked my friends if it was one of them and they all looked at me as I heard my one of my friends say stop fucking around dude. I said what do you mean I’m not and we all looked around as we hear another crack and then a ear piercing scream. We all ran home. After we got outside I grabbed my shotgun thinking it was just a coyote, but I was just making sure that I was being safe. We heard my parents voice a few minutes later. Something didn’t feel right though there voice was a little demonic sounding like TV static and my parents voice saying “Logan dear were home we forgot something can you let us in, but at the time I was just gad to hear there voice. I said sure come in please, and as I said this I heard the doorknob turn and then someone enter the house and go up the steps and when this happened I smelt something like a dead person rotting in the house it was so bad that me and my friends all gagged and almost puked.
As I saw this creatures head I shot and I did nothing as the thing didn’t even flinch we all realized that the only way out was the window that was about 10 foot high. As we all started to try the window we heard a blood curling scream as that creature came rushing towards the room my friend rushed to the door and slammed the door he said go without me, I couldn’t look back as I jumped out after my friends I hurt my leg really bad but I guess I was to scared to pay attention. I heard my friends scream coming from the house and a horrid ripping sound and tearing flesh I felt my face start to tear up while ewe rushed to our neighbors house. When we got there we called the police and when they got there they had found my friend dead and ripped apart and much more and they said they couldn’t find anything else after this night I never stay home without someone else and never unarmed. I did some research on what I saw and I think it was a skinwalker.

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