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This is actually a story from my brother, Pete. Back in 2012 him and my grandpa used to hunt off the Dueber Extension in a large area of woods. I should mention that both Pete and my grandpa were qualified army sharpshooters as it’s important info later.

The woods they hunt in don’t have many houses or anything around except a small unmarked graveyard with about 10 graves in it. They were squirrel hunting and Pete heard something. He turned to see what looked like a large dog with mange. It either didn’t have a tail or it was tucked between its legs. They weren’t sure. It walked across the path and into the woods. Our grandpa decided to call it a hell hound.

A few weeks later my brother was hunting by himself and he saw it again. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with it so he decided to try and put it out of its misery so shot it a few times but said it never even flinched. He knows he hit it because it wasn’t standing very far from him. It ran from him and he followed for a bit but never saw any evidence of it or any blood.

A few days after Pete shot it he went back to see if he could find the body to bury it but all he found was a fresh pile of guts. He said they were so fresh they were still steaming but there was no corpse or any evidence that anyone had been there. It has rained and there were no tracks of any sort in the mud.

My brother got a new 9 mm about a month later and wanted to go try it out. Him and our grandpa went out again. They were walking along when they saw the creature again. Pete emptied a whole clip at it but it didn’t even flinch. It just growled and ran off.

He hasn’t really had much time to do much hunting because his daughter was born the next year and our grandpa got sick and passed away a few years after.

A few years ago (around the time he saw it) we had went out with a 22 and I’m a photographer. I was going through pictures yesterday and discovered one with a something odd. It could be foliage but it’s not it’ll any other pictures (even ones taken at the same angle) and Pete swears it’s the creature. We do hope to go back to that tiny graveyard soon to see if we can get a glimpse of this creature.

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