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So this happened last week. I think I just saw a skinwalkers or wendigo. I live in Southeastern Pennsylvania and I know some people have seen skinwalkers in midwestern parts of PA, but I never heard any stories from this paer of PA. I was in the car riding on my way to work and I always look out the window I wasn’t driving by the way. There are a lot of deer in my area and I see them frequently.

Now there’s an area not to far from my University that has some houses around, but there are a lot of wooded sections surrounding the houses a d behind the houses. Theres an area where a house was torn down, so theres nothing but weeds and over grown grass there. While looking out the window I see in that part what looks like a deer, only it looks like it’s crouching down like a person does on it’s knees. The face also looked distorted, like it was deformed. It’s horns weren’t even right,  if that makes since. They seem like they were fake, sort of mangled. It was just staring, not moving. Which I’ve seen deer do before, but it just looked menacing.

It’s eyes weren’t right either.  They weren’t on the side of its face like they were supposed to be. They were in the front, I think that’s what made it so weird looking. They were big dark eyes on the front of the face!
What’s freaking me out the most is, even if skinwalkers or wendigos aren’t real…this was a real creature that wasn’t a deer, or elk, or moose, or any other known animal, especially for the area. I have no idea what this creature was and I hope I never see it again.

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