should I start believing?

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I´m not sure if these are paranormal or not. I´m a skeptic, but I guess some part of me believes in the paranormal.

Almost 10 years ago, I was studying theathre and acting. During this time I lived at the school. We had a whole building to our use. We studied upstairs at an old gym-hall and lived downstairs. Downstairs had a long corridor, our rooms were on the left side of it. On the right was the living room and the costume studio. At the end of the corridor was a door, exiting the building. To the right of the door was the kitchen and to the left was the steps leading upstairs.

Many times you could feel the presence of a large man at the crossroad of the exiting door, the stairs and the kitchen. Sometimes one could see a shadowy figure standing there. Upstairs the musicplayer would start playing itself. Once we were exiting class, when a small ball started rolling towards us, then curving to the right. We tried to replicate the movements of the ball, but could not do it.

There are two specific creepy moments while I was living/studying there. They both happened at the same day. First I was doing the dishes at the kitchen, with my bavk to the room. Suddenly I see at the corner of my eye someone entering the room and feel a presense behind me. I was sure it was my next room neibour so I asked “what is it? I´ll be out of you way in a minute”. No-one answered, so I turned around only to find the room empty. I went to look for her and peeked at the living room connecting to the kitchen. Nothing. Finally I found her at her room, reading. She was nowhere near the kitchen at the time, and non of the others was either (there were 12 of us).

The next was when i went back to my room to draw. My desk was sideways to the door. I´m hunched above the paper and see the same girl, that I thought was at the kitchen, anter my doorway and just stand there waiting. Before I could ask her what she wants, she turned her back to me and started walking to the door (I could see the other exit from my room). When I raised mu head to talk to her I saw no-one. She could not have gotten out at that time and there was nowhere for her to hide. She was never there as I found her still studying in her own room next to mine.

These next ones happened a few years later, when I was living alone. In my first apartment my TV would turn on by itself in the middle of the night. Never during the day.

A couple of years forward I was living with my friend. One day all of our cofee cups just fell out of the cupboard! We had been living in that apartmet for a while and had no problems. The cupboard was sturdy. We never found a good reason for this to happen.

Now I´m living alone again. I´ve had a few horrifying sleep paralysis episodes during the years, few of them just now. I can tell more aboat them later…
Weird stuff still keeps happening around me. One of my cookbooks fell off the shelf just recently. It was in the middle of the others, yet non of the other books even moved. It didn´t even knock out the photoframe right next to it.

Most terrifying are the sleep paralysis episodes. Wverything else I can just shrug off, but not them.

By the way, Im from Finland. Thought I´m quite good at english it is not my first language. There for I just hope I understood your instructions for posting correctly!

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