Sheriffs camp

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Okay, so I would normally go to sheriffs camp in the summer time. It’s basically a summer camp where you get to experience cool simulations of real situations tornados, fires ect. The camp is split up between girls and boys, boys sleep in tents near the lake while girls sleep in cabins in the woods. After we got there they did the “welcome to camp here are the rules” speech, we the proceeded to split up into out cabins and Gather our things. We walked up to our cabins and got settled in. We then walked down to the fire pit, the girls who were in charge of our cabin decided to tell us a ghost story, about a girl named Sally who drowned in the lake and she walks the camp every night blah blah blah blah blah, I was 11 at the time and I knew they were just trying to scare the littler kids so I pretty much blew her off and happily ate my smore. I had made three friends, Kate, Maddy, and Nicky. They had also blew off the stupid story. Later that night we were in our cabin windows open everybody was asleep and suddenly Mal just started going ballistic, like she was freaking out, one of the older girls calmed her down and we finally understood what she was saying to us. She still crying said “there was a girl in the window.” I’m at this point thinking she’s insane. I ignore it and go back to sleep. The next morning we get up and Mal has all of her stuff packed, she was leaving that day, me and Nicky asked her why thinking it was about the girl thing, she lifts up her shirt and she has scratch marks all the way down her back. Me and Nicky are like looking at each other like “what the even?” Mal leaves that day. Later that night we were talking about it and Kate goes, “yeah that’s a little odd. Last night I thought I saw rainbow boots walking outside the cabin window” me and Nicky things she’s going insane so we play it off. And didn’t talk about it again. Nicky ended up leaving camp early because of a family thing. Leaving me with Kate. The rest of the week goes off with out incident. Something I forgot to mention, I had a dog at the time who was going to have puppies at like any moment this will tie into the story later. Anyway so on the bus ride home I had to sit with Kate, she was really talkative, and then suddenly she just kind of stop and started staring out the window. I just ignored it because I wanted her to shut up anyway. She suddenly says, in a really deep voice, like too deep for an eleven year old “something bad is going to happen” I think she’s insane so I switch seats. I got home and in about a day later my dog has all 12 of her puppies, and then they all die. Like they were doing fine. And then they just all died. The next day my dog died.


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