Shadows of the Past

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Before I begin, I would like to mention that my wife and I never drink, smoke, or use drugs, so I can’t chalk this up to imagination or hallucinations. Anyway, this is my story.

A few years after I married my girlfriend, we got a nice little house in a small suburb. We always wanted just 3 bedroom and 2 bath and found one for a very low price. When we asked why it was so low, the woman selling it just said she didn’t want to be there anymore. We didn’t think anything of it and looked inside. It was almost like the house was made for us. We immediately signed the paperwork and scored the house, even though we were the only potential buyers, so it was pretty much a guarantee. I had no idea that it would quickly become clear why it was such a low price and why no one else wanted to buy it.

A few months passed with nothing going on. One day, I was watching ESPN, while my wife was making lunch. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black shape on the wall. It moved up the stairs and I heard a small creaking sound. I never got scared easily, so I just calmly said “Honey? Some black shape just appeared out of nowhere and went up the stairs.” She came in and asked “What are you talking about?” I told her what I had seen. She decided to go upstairs and investigate. After a few minutes, she came back down and said there was nothing up there. I just shrugged and forgot about it. The following week, we were watching SNL, when I happened to look out the window and saw 2 black shapes that were smaller than the first one I had seen. As I watched, the 2 started running in opposite directions. I turned to tell my wife and saw her staring out the window as well. She asked me if I had seen what she had, and it turns out we had seen the exact same thing. We weren’t scared, but a little creeped out. One day,, I was connecting my XBox and after I turned it on, I used some kind of camera feature and used heat vision. I saw a large shape standing just behind me. Figuring it could have hurt me if it wanted, I calmly said “Excuse me, but I’m trying to do a live feed for my friends, could you please not interfere?” The form immediately left and I only saw myself. I uploaded the photo to my Instagram and I got at least half a dozen calls with everyone saying the same thing. Whatever it was, it seemed harmless.

A month passed with no further incidents, but the shadows were starting to appear more regularly. I saw them on the garage walls, on the truck, in my room, in the study, the kitchen, basement, bathroom. One day, I got so fed up, I ended up yelling “WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?!” There was, of course, no response, but i did feel a chill. I turned around and saw a large shadow. Probably about 8 feet tall, on the wall. It pointed at the floor and vanished. I looked at the floor and got the signal that something under the floor had to do with this. My wife and I decided to do some digging, and we found out that, like many haunted places, the house had been built where a family used to live. The family had 5 kids and a very large black housekeeper named Randall. One night, there was a fire that started in the kitchen and quickly spread through the house. Randall escaped, but all 7 family members didn’t. A few days later, Randall was found lying dead on the charred remains of the house with a single bullet wound in his head. He had been so distraught, that he killed himself. A few months passed, until I dug up with some construction buddies. When we cleared the ground away outside the house, I saw some ashes and a few pieces of roofing. I figured that was good enough for me. I’m no archaeologist, but no dummy either.

After a few more months had passed from that incident, my wife said she had enough of the house. Even though it was a nice house and had everything we wanted, it clearly wasn’t “our home.” In her eyes, the family that had perished there still owned it and everything around it. We both put up with the shadows for another week, while we packed up and moved. After putting the house on the market, it was quickly bought by another young couple. They moved out after only being there for a month. I never told them about the shadow people, but I think they probably got the message. I just drove past the house a few days ago, and it’s still empty. I think I know what was going on. The shadow people were the previous family and their housekeeper. They were lost, sad, and confused about why death had come upon them out of nowhere and I’m guessing Randall couldn’t bear to leave. I live in a new house now and see tiny shadows from time to time out of the corner of my eye, but nothing as significant as what I saw in that old house.

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