Shadow man in my bed

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Authors note: This is my first story so I’m sorry if it’s short but it was my first ever experience with a “shadow man” so I thought it would be a great first story.

At the time of this story I was about 10 years old and this encounter still haunts me. I was hanging out with my younger brother in my parents room watching a movie and talking. I don’t really remember what about but we started arguing loudly and my dad came upstairs and told me to go to bed. I was obviously upset, it was friday and no kid wants to be sent to bed at 8:00pm on the weekend. So after a dirty look and Bit of sulking I went to my room.

After lying down trying to get comfortable I decided to face my wall with my back to the door. A little bit of time passes and I’m starting to fall asleep but suddenly I feel someone crawl into bed beside me. In that moment I thought it was my brother because at night he usually gets scared and hops into bed with me, until I felt a forceful push on my back I hit my head off the cold wall next to my bed, I felt dizzy and scared but nothing compared to how I felt when I turned around to face whatever pushed me.

As I turned my head I was met with deep red eyes attached to a dark shadow body larger then anyone in my house. I screamed and did what any 10 year old girl would do… I covered my head with My blanket and started to yell for my parents.

My mom ran in and asked what was wrong and once I saw the light through my blankets from the wall I started crying and removed the blanket. Still scared I got out of bed and ran to my mom and explained what I saw then I ran to my parents bedroom and told my dad and brother. My mom calmed me down and my dad sent me back to my room this time with my brother which made me feel better.

The next morning I rearranged my room so I was away from the wall and thought over what I saw.

Since this day I have had a few more shadow man experiences but none as bad as this one and I hope I never need to feel the fear of that night ever again.

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