Scrying got wrong

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I am a 24 year old German YouTube-User that likes to check on the newest Horror Stories. Just as an Information im not easily scared because I saw a lot of creepy and horrifying shit in my short life so far.
Just as an example: I found at the age of 9 a corpse in the woods, that was half rotten and brutally humilated.

When i was checking out a YouTube Live-Stream at night. It was probably 3am. I picked up a Conversation about Scrying, something i’ve never heard of before. Following this topic I got curious about it. The Conversation went fluent: They told each other what to do and what you need. The items needed were a Mirror, a Candle and a Chair in a dark room. They said that you only need to look into the mirror a while and if you are lucky: your face may morph into something different. Sadly I didnt follow the conversation long enough because i was to hyped to try it at least once (that was a big mistake.. as i realized about one hour later.)

So I went into my living room, searched for some candles and brought the mirror into the room too. Everything was set up as written before. The candle was lit, the roomlight lowered and I sat infront of the mirror looking in it. The first ten Minutes basically nothing happened and felt like half an hour. I wasnt sleeping for over two days at that point – so time went slower in my head.

I was about to break it up… when suddenly my bedroomdoor shut!!! The noise was so unexpected that i turned my head in a rush in the doors direction.. but when i looked back to the mirror… the surface… was like water! uneven… moving… then something whispers in my head. it didnt sound like it had any direction or location. it was… just in my head. It whispered in latin.. that i actually understand a bit, because im a geriatric nurse and had this to learn. I felt a bit uncomfortable… but i also was glad that it worked to this point… I asked the voice for its name.. and it mumbled: “Pestis”. What i know literally means “pestilence”.

Suddenly my bedroomdoor opened again.. i heard it and turned my head into the direction again because of that sudden sound. i thought: “well… just the wind from my open windows.”

But… when i turned my head back to the mirror.. something horrible stood behind me.. it was a rotten looking woman, with maggots feeding from her flesh.. a fallen out eye, that was only connected through the nerve with the definetly bloody brain!!!

I was shocked and turned myself to look behind me… but… there was noone.

it felt like a hand graped my head after i turned back and moved my head in the direction of the mirror. as i am used like a puppet without own will. this “hands” forced me to look into the mirror… i saw the woman touching my cheeks.. but the feeling of the hands faded. as if i wasnt paniced enough in this situation.. MY SKIN, were she touched me, BEGAN TO ROT AWAY! I instinctly checked with my own fingers on my face. Nothing. As soft as it used to be and warm as always…

she whispered something so quiete that i could not understand.. i asked her what she said before and i had the feeling to apologize to that thing..

then she began to touch my whole body.. i was panicing!! i tried to stand up and blow the candle out!!! but.. nohing happened. i was as chained on my chair – held tight by that.. half rotten woman!! The more she touched my body, the more it rot away… i felt cold – as she would suck my whole lifeessence out of me.. and an overwhelming sadness overcame me… every luck seemed to get crushed.. everything good seemed bad. I could only watch myself rot away in the mirror.. as the woman became more and more human.

In the weakest moment of my life – i had given up to that point – my phone rang into my pocket!! i knew it was my girlfriend who couldnt sleep and usually called me at this time of the night. at that moment i regained some power and could free myself out of her cold grip and managed to blew out the candle. she instantly vanished but whispered one last thing.. but not in latin anymore, it was in my native language: german! “You will rot away soon enough. Your body is mine. your souls belong to all of us.” (du wirst noch früh genug verrotten. dein körper gehört mir. deine seele gehört uns allen.)

My body started to feel warmer again and my skincolour changed from ghostly pale into a normal state again.. I dont know what would have happened if my girlfriend didnt call me that moment. what would have happened if she could sleep like a stone that night? I will never know… and i dont want to find out!

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I get possessed all the time, so I know this advice works…
Burn white sage daily in each of your rooms.
Ring a song bowl or bell in each of your rooms daily.
Carry around with you Tektite which aids with vibrating your outa aura pushing these things off!
These things can’t kill you except through stress…
When you pay attention to them you tune into them kinda like with radio frenquencies find something anything like a video game to consume your attention.
Paying attention to them is kinda like your giving them permission to control you reject them! deny them! They only have power over you if you let them!
As hard as it is you need to say not!
You need to believe in your self and say no to them! You can get up when they force you down! Do not be passive and allow them to control you! This is your body and soul! You have more power then they do over your stuff!