Screams in the schoolyard – Duplicate

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A bit of backstory: I am a female, and the school I went to at the time was very old, and had a fair bit of incredibly disturbing legends and stories surrounding it, lots of stories about mysterious deaths and suicides on the property. For example: when the school was a high school, a girl was severely bullied all day, every day, so one day, after being humiliated in front of the whole school, she followed the janitor up to the roof, hid until he left, then…. she jumped.

I am still unsure if the story about the girl was true, or if it was told just to scare me, but the events that take place in this story make me lean more so towards the fact that this story could be true.

This happened a while ago, and as I look back at this I wish I never tried to investigate…

I was in grade five, the new kid, but also reunited with my friend from grades 1-3, the class we were in when this happened was gym, and we were out in the courtyard. We had a free period that day, and me and my friend, let’s call her, Sasha, for privacy reasons, were just relaxing by the doors that led to one of the hallways, talking about stupid things.

Sasha told me she had to go get a drink, it was hot for September, and we were sitting directly in the sunlight. I nodded and as Sasha walked away, I was now alone, one of the most deadly things in that old schoolyard.

I got up after Sasha had been gone a while, preparing myself to go down the creepy hallway that led to the water fountains, I didn’t like the school in general, it gave off an incredibly disturbing vibe, even to a happy nine year old like me who shouldn’t even be able to identify the disturbing vibes that basically radiated off of the school like heat radiates off of the sun.

I began to walk away from the door towards the gym teacher to ask to get a drink, when Sasha called me.

I.. turned around back towards the door, where the voice came from, and saw no one there… I remember thinking that her voice had echoed from somewhere else, I wasn’t too scared, the reason being we were both prone to pranking others and each other for fun, so I thought she was just pulling my leg.

I called her name, me being the only one in that area, and got no answer. I began to look around, all around the area that the voice came from. I turned towards the door that led to the hallway, and it was ajar slightly, and just like in a horror movie, I went to it and opened it.

The door closed behind me, and the lighting was dim due to the doors being right by the gym, which was right next to the stairs that led to the basement, which had barely any light seeping into it. I called out for Sasha, expecting her to come out from hiding and start laughing.

Nobody came out, so I walked out of the building before I could get in trouble from a teacher. I shut the door behind me and walked a few feet away, when I heard a sound that may not be creepy to you, but to me it will be burned into my memory forever.

I heard hands slam against the glass of the window that was on the door, scaring the living daylights out of me. I turned a full 360 to face to door, moving faster than I had ever moved before, and saw no one inside. I cautiously walked towards the door and peered downwards, looking for anyone that could have caused the noise. After seeing no one, I ran like there was a pack of wolves chasing me, not stopping till I reached the other end of the courtyard.

I discovered that Sasha had been at the other end of the courtyard with our other friend, lets call her, Dawn, the whole time. I gathered back my courage and led them towards the back of the courtyard where I had been earlier and we waited, we then heard the bone-chilling sound of a man on the roof, screaming in pain and agony.

All terrified, we ran and did not move from beside the teacher, who made us feel safer for some reason, until the bell rang, then we all walked back together to our class that we shared, packed together like sardines until we reached the class.

I really do wish that this ended there, but no, it’s just my luck that I might now have something attached to me. Now it was December and we were gathered by the gym doors waiting for the teacher, and I was squished right by the basement stairs, that had no doors.

I was scanning the basement floor when something silver caught my eye, I always had a flashlight on me in school during the winter, as the winters in Canada are harsh and the power could go out at any time, so I pulled it out of my sweater pocket and turned it on.

What I saw didn’t so much scare me, but it did disturb me a fair bit. There was a pair of scissors there, dripping with a red liquid. I called Sasha and Dawn and we all glanced around, and slipped down to the basement together, tightly clutching each others hands.

we walked down to the basement and examined the scissors together. “It’s… pen gel.” Dawn said eventually, right as the bell rang. With a final glance at the scissors, I ran after my friends, but stopped at the start of the stairs as I saw two gleaming white orbs stare at me from the darkness. I let out a yelp of shock and ran as fast as I could into the gym.

Many minor things happen to me now, me seeing silhouettes as I walk home alone in the rain, me placing my phone on my desk, walking out of my bedroom for a moment, and then it being on my bed, my light turning off or on randomly, my stepsisters balloons going from upstairs to downstairs without anyone touching them.

The most notable incident occurred recently, I told my stepsister to go upstairs and get herself a new shirt as she had spilled milk from her cereal on her old one. She went upstairs and came down a minute later, looking scared and running into my arms, my dad and stepmother were sleeping on the couch as they had worked late the previous night.

I asked my stepsister what was wrong and what she said still chills me to this day, she said ‘the little red girl wants me to play with her, but I don’t want to and I’m scared.’ I told her that it was ok and that I would protect her from the little red girl, thinking she was imagining it, when we started to hear a little girl singing, and heard drawers squeak open from upstairs.

I told them to stay put, and I walked upstairs, going into their room, and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I turn and started walking downstairs again to say that it was probably one of the cats hitting the drawers and stepping on their toys that spoke and sang.

I then heard something that still scares me, I heard a distorted little girls voice say rather loudly, but not quite at a yelling pitch. ‘SHE WILL PLAY WITH ME!’ I ran downstairs and stayed with my stepsisters.

One more notable thing happened last night, I was getting my shower ready and turned towards my pajamas, putting them in a place where they would not get wet when I came out, and turned back to see that the shower curtain was moving up and down like it was in a strong wind, while the water running could not cause it to shake and move like that.

I was scared at first but then I huffed and said in a rather annoyed tone: “could you just go away, some people like their curtains to stay still while they are showering so their floor doesn’t get soaked” it stopped and I laughed away any trace of fear that remained in me and then said. “If you’re following me, just don’t bug me, I like a bit of peace and quiet sometimes.” I laughed again and got on with my night.

Nothing has happened today, so I hope it is quiet for a little while so I can have a bit of peace, I do not think this means me any harm, but I must say there is two, and one of them is not as nice, I believe the one I have dubbed ‘the nice one’ just enjoys being mischievous, but for the most part is quiet, but I am always cautious of the other one whenever I sense her prescience, often telling her to please leave me alone and to go away, that her way of approaching my stepsisters was not welcome in my life or theirs anymore.

The moral of this story is if you hear your name called and nobody is there, it might be best to learn from my mistakes and ignore it, unless you’d like something or multiple somethings to follow you and possibly torture you or annoy you, but I do say it can get very hard to sleep at night when I feel the little red girl in the room with me, watching and possibly waiting to hurt me or do something to scare me out of sleeping for a week.

I wish I never tried to investigate that voice, and I still regret getting that thing attached to me, at least, I think it is attached to me, so to whatever I disturbed in that building by investigating the voice, I am sorry.

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