Scratching at the door

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To start the story off I’m gonna give you a bit of setting, it’s Luther Oklahoma and the trailer is so old lanterns come out of the walls for light the whole place is old as fuck. My great grand mother said she wanted a double trailer so my great grand father stuck two normal trailers together to save money. That being said I live around a lot of woods and since the trailer was built so weird there’s a door leading outside straight from inside my room.

We built a dog pen right outside my door for my two Rottweilers, which meant to let them outside u had to go threw my room, which was super annoying but that’s irrelivant. One day I woke up to my “dogs” scratching at the door which is how they let us know to let them in. I figured my mom had come in and let them out while I was sleeping. The scratching was a lot louder and more aggressive this certain time, which I thought was weird but I didn’t pay much attention to it.

When I got up and started unlocking the door (which had no lock so I had a gate lock on it but I always kept the key in the lock so it would be faster to open) I heard frantic scattering and a something grab the fence and jump it in one motion. When I got the door open, there were no dogs, no anything, just woods. I went to my moms room to explain what had happened, and on her bed, there were my two dogs.

I don’t know of any animal that can make those scratching noises other than a wolf or coyote, and I damn sure know a wolf or coyote didn’t grab the fence and clear it on one motion, or could have dissapeared in the time it took me to open a fucking door. Another weird thing about this was that a split second after the frantic scattering happened is when I heard the fence being grabbed and jumped. That’s like a 10 foot distance and whatever it was made that in one fucking second or less. It had to have been fast, incredibly fast.

I believe what was scratching on my door was a wendigo, and another thing that I soon learned about the wendigo, was that it is capable of opening doors as well as unlocking them. I believe I would have been dead if I didn’t have a gate lock on the inside of my door. I told my mom of what happened and she didn’t pay much mind to it. I’m telling this story to you all to hopefully inspire you to be more careful in the woods. You have no idea what is lurking in the trees.

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