school lockdown

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I’d like to start this off by saying that you shouldn’t go break into a school.It was the day after Thanksgiving break after a week off I wanted to go back to school and see my friends after not leaving my house because I’m lazy.

I remember after leaving the band hall to go to 3rd period we were talking about the winter concert.

When we walked in Mr G said we didn’t have to write any Cornell notes so we all sat down and he started the slide about South America when a loud beep came over the loudspeaker saying “TEACHERS WE ARE HAVING A LOCKDOWN GET ALL YOUR STUDENTS INSIDE THE CLASSROOM” we all thought this was a drill even though they didn’t say so.We went to the back corner as he taped paper over the window and turned the lights off.

We assumed after a couple minutes they would say go back to your classes but they didn’t after 5 minutes we heard what sounded like banging on the lockers so we waited for another 5 minutes and nothing happened so I prayed and a little later because kids were laughing he was banging on the door and left when the principle came on she said that a man broke a hole trough the front entrance nocked over the christmas tree and pulled agun on the people who work for the office and shot one in the arm but survived all I have to say is the police caught him but if they hadnt what would happen to us?

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