Scariest Walk Home

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By Riley C.

Back in 2000, I walked home from work b/c it was only a 15 minute walk home tops & my husband at the time was with our three daughters (one car, different work schedules. So whoever was watching the girls, kept the car in case they needed to go somewhere). There was a creepy path I normally walked to work & back on. It took me across a high grass field, then bent on to a path that only Tim Burton could have created but it was short, just keep your head down & walk fast.

It led you to the cemetery back fence, but the town gave access to a foot path to get to store where I worked. About 6 months into this job, there was a creepy drunk guy that would like to sit & watch people walk on the ‘Tim Burton’ path. It bothered me so much that I decided I did not want to be the victim of a possible attack so a co-worker told me to walk the main road, that led to a restaurant & Inn parking lot. In back of there was a very steep bank of 60 feet or so that you would have to maneuver down carefully, walk across another 50 feet of someone’s land, thru some trees & I’d be home. Those where my only two options, as I was the closer of my department & it was too late to wake the girls for my husband to get them in the car to come get me.

The second way home was lit more with street lights from the road & our complex was also well it with lights & automatic lights all over the buildings. The only time I would need my flashlight was going down the bank & to going thru the trees.

I was very mistaken one night on my new ‘safe’ way home would be. I had a Mag-lite with me. As I safely made it down the steep bank & started to head across the neighboring land, to my left I heard something. My light automatically flashed to the sound. I froze! I saw what I thought was a bear, but it wasnt! It had blue reflective eyes, was black, thin & it was off in proportion & facial features. It was down on all fours. I panicked as I still had probably 45 feet still to go, get through some trees & about 20 feet to my front door. I started to move sideways as to keep the light on it & not turn my back on it.

It growled a noise I have never heard before. I side walked faster & that’s when I lost it! Sweat is pouring, I could hear my heart beat in my ears. I booked it only turning back once to see if it was chasing me. I could hear it. I almost made it to the trees when my light caught the eyes again but it was standing on two legs! I ran to the door. I told my husband what had happened as he could see I was crying by this time, shaking & covered in sweat. I told him not to go out.

The next day I showed him the spot in the day light. Where I saw the eyes before I ran into the trees, it had to have stood 12 feet tall. Long story short, we had to replace the screen door I broke getting in to open the main door. It wasn’t a bear, as I was told later, by some details of what had done to the place where it was when I first saw it. Some said it looked like it was laying to sleep, I spooked it & it wasn’t a homeless camp either. Nor was it the creepy drunk guy hang out. There was a rotten smell to the matted ankle high grass. Plus bear eyes aren’t blue when a flashlight reflects on them. I took the car from then on. Avoiding both ‘paths’ from then on. We later moved.


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