Santa is in the basement

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This happened when I was 12. It was late December almost Christmas and my parents and my aunt were on a vacation to Hawaii.

My cousins Elijah, castiel, and Blake were  at my house.  They were seven, eight, and three. And my brothers Sam and Dean, they were 8 and 12 everyone was with me and we were having a big sleep over.

And just so you know me and Dean are twins.  It was around 12 that night and everyone was asleep except me, Elijah, and Dean.

We were watching the Night Shift on Netflix when Dean said he need to go use the bathroom.

I told him that the one across from mom and dad’s bedroom was broken so he would have to use the upstairs one.

He grown but said OK.

Nobody likes using the upstairs bathroom because it’s next to the door that goes to the attic. But after doing went to use the bathroom Elijah got up and made popcorn. Since everybody was gone I decided I would get my laptop from the dining room.

I went to get my laptopWhen I looked over and I saw Elijahstaring out the window.

I went over and asked him what was wrong and he said he saw somebody walking towards the basement door and walking inside.

I started to panic but I didn’t want to frighten them so I just told him that it was OK and I would go get Dean plus the door that lets you come in from the basement to the house was locked so there was  no way anybody was getting in.

Me and Elijah ran up the stairs to the bathroom and pounded on the door.

Do you know open up and asked what was wrong and I explained to him that  Elijah saw somebody walk into the basement from the kitchen window. Dean told a lie just to go into the bedroom with all the other kids and lock the door.

As Elijah did this me and then went to the kitchen and grab our dad’s gun and a couple of flashlights will be able to see.

We are unlock the door and pointed the flashlight to the bottom of the stairs where we saw somebody in the Santa suit facing the door. When the man turned around to look at  us Dean slammed the door shut and locked it.

We went to the door that had all the kids sleeping in and knock on the door.

When Elijah open the door we told him to get everybody up and we’re going to the garage. We heard banging on the door and we were pretty sure that the locks were going to break soon. So once everybody was awake we ran to the garage and locked the door.

We saw footsteps on the garage door so Elijah looked under it and saw that the man from the basement was outside so everybody quietly walked back inside and went upstairs to the bedroom we lock the door that goes to the Garage and then ran to the basement he locked the door that goes to the outside and the door that comes in the house.

Everyone went upstairs to the bedroom for the stairway from the front of the house and we called our uncle Drew.

He said that he was at a long shift in the hospital and won’t be able to get here for about 30 minutes but he would call Rick.

About 10 minutes later we got a call from our uncle Rick and he said he had just talkTo Drew and her what was happening he would be here in about three minutes. Not to be honest that was pretty impressive because they live 30 minutes away.

We heard or uncle Rick pull-up in the driveway and everybody ran downstairs and unlock the front door.

When we got there Rick said he will take us back to his and Drew’s house just to get in the car and he would scan the house.

Everybody got into ricks car and we locked the doors while he went inside. We saw him running out and the man in the Santa suit following behind him. We unlock the drivers door and Rick got in.

We lock the doors back and drove out to go to his and Drew’s house.

Once we got there he called you and told us that we were all right And drew  said he would be home in about 10 minutes.  We called her parents and they said that Their flight had been canceled and they wouldn’t be home for another week.

They said to just stay with Rick And drew and not to go back to the house.

Rick said that was perfectly fine and that we were welcome to stay as long as we want. Later that night Drew got home andOnce he knew we were OK he sent us to the guest bedroom and told us to just lay down and go to sleep.

And they would file the police report in the morning.

Once everybody was laid down in the guest bedroom Rick and Drew went to bed too.

Then around 5 o’clock in the morning I got a call my phone from unknown number.

I was kind of curious so I answered it and a Man with A deep voice said he knew where we were and he would be coming to see us. That you shouldn’t run away from Santa because he had so much he wants to give us. I ran to Rick And Drew’s bedroomAnd once I told them what had happened they went downstairs and saw a man in a red Toyota Camry pull up.

Since Rick was a police officer he went and grabbed his badge from the nightstand and went out with his gun.

He told the man that he was under arrest for breaking in entering and the man ran to his car and just sped off. Every once in a while even though it’s four years later I still get calls and text from that same number I tried to block it but somehow it won’t stay blocked and he always text me.

We moved closer to our uncle Rick And Drew’s  house so  that if he comes back Rick and get over there faster.

Even though the man Hatten even known we had moved, I still see that red Toyota Camry drive past our house as if it’s looking for us.

I just want to thank my  uncles Drew and Rick.

If they Hadnt have come over and got  us and let us spend the week at their house I don’t know what would’ve happened. That man might’ve been able to bust for the doors and get to us. So I want to say thank you to them.

And if anything like this ever happened and you have any suspicion anybody looking for you or stalking you make sure you call the police or family member because I don’t want this to happen to somebody else.

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