Samodiva of Bulgaria

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By Alexander

Hello, my name is Alexander. I am from Bulgaria which is in the Balkans, Europe.
Bulgarians have a forest spirit we call a Samodiva. They are humanlike, usually wearing a white cloak or dress and armed with a bow and arrow used to catch their human prey. They appear in the mountains.

My story begins with a party in a small village in the mountains. We were pretty wasted and we were having a good time, it was about 11 o’clock at night. Then a old woman told us not to go out at night in here, apparently it wasn’t safe at night.

But being the hot- headed young guys we decided to get the horses and do a night stroll to the nearby village where our girlfriends were sleeping. We left and arrived at the village, we had our fun and decided to go back to our cabin. Me and a friend of mine were with the biggest horse which weighed about 1000 kg (2200 lbs). In the middle of the road the horse stops and didn’t move. For the record it was 3 am.

We got off the back of the animal and started pulling, pushing and even got some grass to try and get it to move. Pointless. We decided to have a smoke some 20 meters away where there were some benches for picnics. As we lit our cigarettes we started hearing strange noises, human like noises. Laughs and voices. All of a sudden I see a beautiful woman in a white cloak looking at me.She smiled and I started looking around there were more of them just looking at us. I told my friend and we got up, scared beyond belief.

Freaked out as we were we ran to the horse got on it’s back and we galloped like crazy to our house. We left our horse and saw the old woman standing outside the stable door. I was scared and took out a knife from the nearby rack and with the corner of my eye saw that the mane and the tail of the horse were braided.

I looked at the woman and she said ‘I told you not to go out, now they will come after you because you’ve seen them.’ I didn’t need anything more to be said. I got in my car my friend got our baggage in the trunk, jumped in and I drove as fast as I could. As we left the village we entered the same forest as before. I was driving with 130 km/h (80mph). Just as we left the forest I turned my head.

And I saw them, 5 or 6 women with white dresses looking at us. Needless to say I never came back to that place.

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