Sad and True Sleep Paralysis

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By Lilsporty

It was the summer of 2012, and I was lying in my bed trying to fall asleep. I experience sleep paralysis a lot so I was expecting one that night as I do every night.

Sure enough I wake up and I hear someone running up the stairs. My grandpa runs into my room and told me we have to leave because someone is chasing him and they’re going to kill him. I couldn’t move and it felt so real I felt him touch my foot and start shaking it back and forth.

The whole time I could still hear the footsteps coming up the stairs and out of nowhere I heard a loud bang and he dropped to the ground. Without a sound, I see two guys come in with guns and stand over him.

All the sudden I jolt awake and I could move again. The next day, I came downstairs and told my mother about my sleep paralysis the night before and she told me that my grandpa had been shot by an intruder that very night.

I don’t know if it was his soul trying to communicate to me saying goodbye. Or just a coincidence that my grandpa was in my sleep paralysis hallucinations.


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