Running into a skin walker

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I frequently listen to horror story narrations like the ones found on this channel, I find them relaxing to listen to; however, never in my wildest dreams would I think I would have my own story. This event occurred in the second month of my junior year of high school. I attend a boarding school up in Connecticut and I was in varsity cross country. The most I ever ran was five miles before this and I was ranked seven out of the eighteen kids on my team. If memory serves correct, it was a Saturday when it began and we did not have a meet. The coach gave us a three mile course to run for the day; however, for some reason I wanted to prove myself to him. I believe I told him “Um coach, I was wondering if today I could run the 6.5 mile stop sign route?” He asked me if I was sure and I stubbornly said I was. He said fine and I was on my way.
I should state that the route I was taking was a loop of sorts. It began at our school, went down a hill, up a bridge, past a couple fields and reach a stop sign. The stop sign was the two and a half mile mark, the rest was a downhill desolate forest road leading to a highway. Once at the highway you turn left and after nearly four an a half miles of running on the grassy side of a highway road, you finally return to school. I should also explain that I had never actually ran that route past the stop sign before. I knew the layout of the route from my teammates explaining it so I wasn’t worried. Also, I had my phone nearly fully charged so I could just map where I was if I was lost or call a dean to pick me up if I couldn’t continue. So armed with a phone holster a running tracker app, and the song Darude Sandstorm blasting through my headphones to pump me up through the run, I left.
I would say that it was about twenty minutes in when I reached the stop sign, a new record for me. I held onto the stop sign to catch my breath when I felt a pit fall in my stomach. I am not sure if that is what people attribute to the feeling of being watched, but I knew that it meant something was off. I darted my head around hoping I was just paranoid about the uncertainty of the new trail and ignoring all the stories I have listened to on YouTube. I thought about turning back and just do five miles; however, I just felt continuing on was something I had to do. So I crossed the street into the wooded road.
I was getting tired after running downhill and began slowing down. I was holding my headphone cord at that point to prevent it from flailing in my face and must have been pressing the lower volume button because I could hear a faint stomp coming from behind me. It wasn’t too close but was still within earshot of a medium volumed song. I knew I shouldn’t have turned around but I really wanted to know if those stories were true about monsters.
I turned to see a tall thin man with clenched fists walking at an incredibly slow pace down the hill. I breathed a sigh of relief and mumbled “Only a guy probably on a walk to clear his mind. Don’t be so scared.” That was until he spoke, he or rather it perfectly mimicked my coaches voice and said “Are you sure? HARRIS?(said in a warped voice)” I was petrified, I could not have just heard that man say my name and that sentence in my coaches voice. Then things got worse, as I was glued in place, that thing continued moving slowly down the hill twitching. His entire body was twitching and that was when it’s skin began to stretch. Think of the scene in IT where Pennywise’s white hands rip into black claws. Except this was all over this man and the claws were a grayish pale color. It then demanded in a warped version of my own voice “Run!”
Fueled by fear, adrenaline, and wanting to live I booked it away. I being a relatively fit track star, I should have been easily getting away from this creature. But no, it was keeping pace with me. It was at this point where I experienced a huge cliche, my stomach was cramping up, hard! I knew that at best I had only a few more minutes before my legs gave out because they have done that during meets. Fate must have been on my side at that moment, I saw the highway and received my second wind. I was on the edge of the highway when I turned back. I expected for that creature to be right behind me but it was further away. It then yelled in my voice “Lucky!” It’s anger and volume pierced through my ears and soul despite the distance between us.
I then could not help it but lurch forward and proceeded to puke. Puking after running past my limits wasn’t that of an uncommon thing for me as you may expect just as an FYI. Once I finished, those knots in my stomach were gone and I looked up to see the creature was gone. I looked at my phone and as if I was in a horror movie, the battery was at five percent after just minutes ago, it was around forty. I couldn’t call the school and I couldn’t go back the way I came, so I pressed on. It must have been around 40 minutes later when I could finally see the familiar road signs in front of me.
I was about to reach the turn to the street my school was on. My ordeal was finally over and I screen shot the running map to both verify that this was a real experience, and to show my coach that I did the six and a half miles. I then entered my dorm and took of my shirt and a pool of sweat flooded out of my under armor shirt. I took a shower afterwards, had dinner and went to bed.
That night, I was awoken by a tapping on my window. I knew it wasn’t my roommate trying to pull a prank on me, I just knew, so I didn’t look at the window. As if to verify my suspicions of it not being my roommate, I hear a warped “Lucky” that echoed.
It’s been nearly five months since then but that voice will never leave my mind. I’ve attached a screenshot of my running map below if you doubt my credibility. For anonymity reasons, I had to crop out part of it because it contains the town I’m in.

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