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I have been needing to talk about this and this is the only place I feel like I can and can also maybe get some input. Every night I can’t ever fall asleep before 3am. I’m not sure why, I just can’t.

lately just after 3:20am I start to hear someone walking back and forth in the hallway area of my house. It sounds so much like human weighted footsteps I, on countless occasions, have checked to see if someone was in my home and there never is. It happens now like clockwork: 3:20am footsteps start. I can trace them in my mind going from the bathroom to the end of the hall and back. Sometimes the footsteps pick up their pace and then slow back to just a walking pace. This goes on and doesn’t end until around 4am. This has become regular. Until last night.

Last night it was so much louder than normal I barged out of my room to see no one and nothing even though I knew I wasn’t going to see anyone but I somewhat hoped I would(but relieved it wasn’t an intruder). I went on to finally fall asleep and have the most horrifyingly vivid night terror is ever had in my entire life.

The nightmare was about people entering a home that when I’d look straight ahead I’d see s glowing golden aura but when looking to the sides it was decaying, damp, and dark. This house kept luring people into it and started to deteriorate them until they’d fall victim to it. In the dream the point of view would switch from me being on the outside watching to me being the one inflicting pain. The things done in this terror house were horrible, like some sort of dark being removing the people’s bones while they were alive, screaming in pain and terror until they were just deflated human skins. It would go from me watching from the other side of this room, to me being the one removing the bones and inflicting pain. After each person was void of all bones and organs they’d be dragged by an unknown thing into a dark basement type room that had an orange glow around the door.

This nightmare felt so real I woke up gagging and was nauseous most of the day. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the footsteps or the guy I saw in my kitchen a couple weeks ago out of the corner of my eye. He disappeared quickly but I was able to see he was young, 20’s, blonde hair, white, and he was wearing a purple polo shirt. No pants, or rather no lower body at all. Could this be who is running in my hallway? If it matters, he showed himself to me in mid day time while I had family over and it was at least a week before this nightmare.

Do I try to make contact or will that make it worse? Is this someone stuck? Could that nightmare be something this spirit is showing me? I’m worried about this being something mimicking a young man and being something much worse. It is possible these are two different beings but I am worried about it.

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I’ve found it’s usely best not to acknowledge evil spirits. This seems very evil to me don’t trust anything in that house.


You should research the history of your home. That’s a start