Rolling hills asylum

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I live in Batavia ny, but I grew up in Attica New York, this happened about 15 years ago when I was about 18. That was before anyone other than us locals knew anything about the rolling hills asylum. To us it was just a little place a few miles from home.

My family had been in this county for generations. One of the things they did every year was to go see Santa at the rolling hills.

One year I decided to along with my mom and two younger siblings. When we got to this place I instantly felt odd, we went in and went into the basement where the festivities were being held.

I thought that was very strange, I asked my mother why they were doing it in a crowded basement when the place was huge. She looked at me and said” it’s the only safe place to do it” I shook my head and said huh,? I got bored and decided to wander around. My mom grabbed me and said, do not go upstairs, I said why!. .? She frowned and said! Please just don’t, well me being 18 and thinking I knew better, did the opposite of what she had said.

It was a decision that to this day haunts me.

I was walking around and tho it was very eerie, it looked pretty normal, I then came to an open door and peered inside, it was mostly empty but for some strange metal tables and sinks, I figured it was a kitchen. Then the door behind me began to creak, I looked behind me and saw nothing.

So I moved closer to a table, just then the door slammed shut, which the loudest bang I’d ever heard!

I ran to the door and grabbed at it, pushed and looked both ways, there was no one there,!

At this point I knew nothing of this places history, and was not a believer of anything paranormal. With my heart in my throat I began to walk back to my mom. I glanced back and saw what looked like thick cigarette smoke, I had had it, I bolted to the basement. I ran to my mother. But said nothing.

A few days later, I decided to talk to my mom. Ask why that place wasn’t safe?

She then told the horrible history and the experiences ppl have had upstairs and in the morgue ….just hearing that word sent chills down my spine…I’d been in the morgue?? And it was obvious I was not welcome there. From that day on, I avoid the place like the plague, I refuse to even drive by. When I saw that the place had gained popularity, all I could do was shake my head and think, they have no idea!

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