Red Eyed Monster in the hallway – Duplicate

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Location: Maine

This story takes place in 1993 when I was just 4 years old. Now, I’m not exactly sure if this experience was a reoccurring dream, or my young imagination running wild. Or if it was indeed something more sinister trying to frighten me when I attempted to sleep alone in the dark.

At the time this takes place, I lived with both my parents in a fairly large mobile home trailer. It was brand new and had no dark history or deaths that could have possibly taken place there. I doubt it was haunted, so what I believe happened to me was no more than a series of nightmares triggered by seeing too much ‘Tales From The Crypt” at a young age. However, this experience is still the reason why I have a slight uneasiness when it comes to dark hallways and shadowy corners.

Now before I jump right into the story, let me just say that I’m well aware of how ridiculous and oddly hilarious some of it is. Even though I’m still nervous of the dark, I can easily say I can laugh about some of this now because of it being such a random silly thing for a creepy red eyed creature to ask of a small child. But we’ll get to that shortly.

I could never sleep in my bedroom alone at night, even with a nightlight on. I always wanted to sleep in my parents room. Either in bed with them or in a pile of blankets on their floor. And this was shortly before my little sister was born, so at this time I was the only child in the house. I hated when it was time for bed. It was so quiet and I always heard strange sounds. It was very easy for my 4 year old brain to kick into overdrive and imagine monsters in my closet, under my bed, or at my window.

But of course, the time came when my parents told me to stop racing into their room at night because my Dad had to get ready for work at 4am every day. So I began sleeping on the living room couch which was near my parents room, but separated by a hallway. And that’s when things began getting…weird. I would hear my name being whispered from somewhere behind my head every night after my parents had gone to sleep. A scratchy voice that was unfamiliar and scary to me.

Hearing the whispering became an every night thing. I could usually fall asleep if I ignored it long enough. But then the night came when I actually saw the ‘thing’ that was saying my name. I had rolled over to focus on the darkness beyond the living room when I heard the voice again.

There I saw it. It was standing there in the hallway…watching me. It was nearly 7 feet tall with a long black cloak, a black face, horns, and bright red glowing eyes. I was so terrified that I couldn’t move or speak. I could only just stare back at the ‘thing’ for what seemed like hours. Then it spoke to me.

I saw it’s mouth open then, revealing dozens of small sharp teeth as it whispered my name in a raspy voice. “Brooke…Broooooooke.” I threw the blankets over my head and huddled in fear, praying it to go away and let me sleep. Before I knew it I woke up to the sun shining the next morning. I figured it was just a bad dream and played and watched tv all day.

I hadn’t even thought of the monster at all until it was nighttime. I made my bed on the couch and was trying to sleep. My parents had already gone to bed and it was dark in the house. Again, it happened. My name being whispered in that same eerie voice. I turned to look and sure enough the red eyed monster was there staring at me with emotionless features and as still as the shadows around it.

Now, this is where it gets a bit humorous…At least looking back now anyway. At the time I was scared shitless. The thing opened its mouth of pointed teeth and hissed at me. “Brooke…I want a pillow. Giiivvvve me a pilllooooww.”
I screamed and jumped off the couch running all the way to my bedroom, snapping the light on and slamming my door.

My Dad rushed in a moment after and asked what on earth just happened. I told him a scary monster with red eyes wanted to take my pillow from me. My Dad assured me it was just a bad dream but that I could keep the bedroom light on just for tonight as long as I didn’t wake them up screaming again. Usually I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom alone at all because my parents room was at the complete opposite end of the 80 foot trailer. But I was so exhausted I ended up falling right asleep and woke up again to the sun shining.

Of course though, the following night I couldn’t get to sleep in my own room and made my bed on the couch way after my parents had already gone to sleep. Now you would think I wouldn’t want to sleep next to the dark hallway again, but my parents room was right on the other side of it. To me at the time it was much better than being in my bedroom alone. But again I heard and saw the monster with the bright red eyes.

“Pilloooww… I want a pilloooww,” it hissed in that unnerving raspy voice. This went on for a few more nights. The same routine of making a bed on the couch, a shadow demon whispering creepy nonsense, and me cowering under the blanets until I woke up in the morning. But the day it all finally came to a stop, I had told my Mom about what had been happening every night for the past week. She said to me; “Well, if it wants a pillow so bad, just give it one and tell it to never come back.”

So once bedtime came again I was determined to be brave and make this ‘creature’ leave me alone for good. My parents were sound asleep in their room and it was very dark where I was in the living room. Even darker in that hallway. I waited until I heard the whispering again, which didn’t take very long. I looked up to see those piercing, unblinking red eyes. “Broooooke…. Give me a pillow. I waaaant a pilloooow.”

I finally spoke back to it; “Why do you want a pillow?” I asked. But it didn’t give an answer, just kept repeating itself like before. “Pillow!” it screeched out impatiently. It irritated me enough to grab one of the throw pillows from the couch and shout, “Here, take your stupid pillow and leave me alone!” I hurled the damn thing as hard as my 4 year old self could. Directly into the hallway right at the monsters face. It let out a surprised hiss before literally disolving into the shadows like it was nothing.

I sat there a moment longer staring into the hall until I heard one of my parents mutter something incoherent and realized I must have woke them with my shouting. I jumped back into the blankets, proud of myself for facing the red eyed demon in the hallway. I listened for a while, half expecting to hear an eerie whisper, but it never came. I soon fell right to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to thinking that the previous night was all a bizarre dream. I stretched and rubbed my eyes and climbed off the couch. Then I happened to glance over and notice the same pillow that I had thrown. It was still there in the hallway, right where the red eyed monster had been standing. It had to be real, I thought to myself. Or was it all in my childish imagination? I have had my share of superntaual and unexplainable things happen to me in the many years since this experience. But I have never again seen the red-eyed hallway demon that (for whatever reason) just wanted…a pillow.

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