The Real Life Cujo

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By Squiggles

This is a true story, and I have had a slight fear of dogs ever since.I was visting my aunt in Coolidge Arizona when this happened, and I don’t think will ever forget this story. I was out in a nearby field looking for cool rocks. The air was hot, and the suns rays were relentless. As I was scanning the dry ground for any rocks, or snakes, I spotted a piece of what seemed to be petrified wood.

As I approched to pick it up I heard a very terrifying noise, one I will never forget. It was a very low, guttural growl. Emiditly I went on alert, “A coyote…” I thought, …”bobcat, wolf, what?” But it was none. The growl continued as I slowley turned to my left to see a large black Labrador Retriever, low to the grown like it was stalking. Its eyes red and empty of all thoughts and emotions other than “kill”.

It’s mouth was in a horrifing, evil grin, and drool oozed from the dog. The poor thing looked like it hadn’t ate in days. “Run.” I thought, “Run until you get to the house and don’t stop.” I slowly turned to my right not turning my back on the dog. And with every two steps I took it took one.

“This is it,” I thought “I’m going to be savaged by a rabid dog in the middle of a random field.” I could resist anymore I booked it. The dog let out more of a roar than a bark. And it took off running behind me. After of what seemed like an eternity of running I made it to my aunt’s house. The girls was just down the street and in sight, but the dog wasn’t. But I could hear it’s low growl again. Finally I spotted the dog lumbering like a drink man back towards the field. It looked back once, and it’s eyes locked on mine. “I’ll kill, you” they said, “I’ll kill you if you get close enough.” Then it’s lips curled back into a grotesque smile. He turned back and wondered back into the field. And I ran back to my aunts.

And to this day I don’t know if that dog died of a convulsion, or heat stroke, or killed a boy not as luckey as me to have escaped. But I know it’s dead now, but not in my dreams, or in my mind. That day I looked death in the eyes, in the form of a rabid Labrador Retriever.

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