Rake in the woods

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This happened when I was in 2nd grade. It was way passed curfew and me and my friend Let’s call him Jameson. Because that is his actual name.

Anyway, it was quiet and warm out. Like to quiet for comfort.

There were no frogs or crickets! Jameson has an idea. He wanted to go explore the woods just a few blocks away. Usually, I would just say no. But, it was a Friday night, and we were stupid little kids. We walked the couple blocks it took to get to the woods. The minute we stepped into the woods, dred washed over me like a tsunami.

I felt like we were being watched. “Hey do you feel that?!?” Jameson practically screamed. “Shut the frick up, Jamie!” I shot back whisper yelling.

I scanned the woods. Absolutely nothing. J-Jameson lets leave… “NO!” He screeched. Fine. I did not want to stay. But I sure as hell was not going back myself. We came across a clearing. I scanned the tree line once more. That is when I saw it. A huge gray figure hunched over. It’s arms and legs were so thin.

It was practically bones with skin on top. I could see the ribs! Jameson must have noticed my fearful suspicion as he looked in the direction of the thing. As he did so though, a twig snapped. The thing looked over.

I will never forget it’s dark hollow eyes.

I instantaneously ran in the opposite direction. Jameson quickly followed. We ran but I could here cruching behind us. We ran all the way out of the woods. It did not follow. We went to jameson’s House. We looked it up. It appeared to be the rake. I will never forget this night. It is scared into my memory. Me and Jameson want to go back to those woods. At night. To get proof. This will haunt me. Forever.

And I hope you will never have to see something so…. horrific.


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