Rake at my Window

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By The Countess

This summer I was dealing with the paranormal on a daily basis. I’m in my late teens and I live in a heavily wooded area in Colorado.

Every night, objects would move on their own, I would see dark figures out the corner of my eye… But things escalated. I started waking up with cuts and scratches on my body, and every time I was alone I would have an unshakable feeling of dread that would grow worse and worse until someone showed up.

I’m pagan so I started doing regular cleansings, blessings and such on my house which made things a little better–but eventually the activity would just rise up again.

I started to notice a figure out of the windows at night, but when I tried to get a better look at it, the thing would vanish. All I could really see was that it had pale grey skin, it had no hair or fur, and it was really skinny- literally skin and bones.

One night I decided to take a hot bath to calm myself down a bit. I lit up a cigarette and tried to just fall into a relaxed state, not thinking about what I had been going through lately. That overwhelming feeling of dread suddenly came over me. I tried to brush it off as me being paranoid, but it only got worse.

My bathroom needed some retouching at the time, so the window didn’t have any curtains, or blinds covering them. I opened my eyes to put out my cigarette. When I glanced over at the reflective faucet on the tub, I realized that I was feeling had been dread warranted.

I saw the faucet reflecting the window, and in the window there was that same terrifying figure from before. I knew I needed to get the hell out of there. I grabbed a towel, trying not to panic. Stupid of me, I looked out of the window on instinct and saw the thing in full detail– the rake.

It was trying to open the window, and staring straight at me… The part that will always haunt me is that it had no eyes, just two black holes, but it was very clear that it was staring at me. If you google “the rake” and click on images, you’ll find exactly what I saw that night. Pale, humanoid features, black mouth that seems unhinged, extremely skinny, all that. I ran out of the bathroom. Needless to say, I did not sleep that night.

I wish my story ended there, but it didn’t. A few weeks ago I was sleeping soundly, cuddled up next to my cat. When a knocking sound on my bedroom window woke me up. At first I thought it was just a confused bird or something. The knocking started off very light, and rhythmic.

But as I ignored it, it grew more rapid and lost it’s rhythm. Within a few minutes it was intense enough to shake my bed a little. My cat became curious. She went over to the window, and pawed the curtain open to take a look. The moment she saw what was out there her tail got all puffy, and she ran as fast as she could to hide under my bed. I honestly don’t want to know what she saw that night at this point.

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Can you move? Maybe stay at a friends for awhile until you can either sell your home or save up to move?? Whatever you do, don’t get a dog. I’ve heard so many ppl who have had their dogs terrorized or injured, even killed. I’m so sorry for how your summer has been, I hope it ends soon.