puerto rican chupacabra

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one day this all started when i was in class in high school, everyone was talking and saying theres something deep in the woods near the old abandoned cemetery i have to pass on my way home from school and i’ve asked around and no one would speak to me about it saying they were too scared to talk.

so i decided since i was home alone and bored that i was going on a hiking trip to see if the cemetery really did have anything lurking or if it was all a joke to scare me since that’s what my friends like to do. it was getting dark so i just decided to bring a flashlight and my phone so i would know when to start heading home so my parents wouldn’t know i was out after dark.

I was now on the road walking and everything seemed fine and i enjoyed listening to the sound of the crickets and the gravel under my feet as i stepped onto the trail not to far away from home it was at least a mile away. it felt like a good while before i noticed that everything has suddenly become quiet and i felt this eerie feeling that something wasn’t quite right but i kept going regardless wanting to prove to myself there’s nothing that evil so close to home.

It wasn’t much longer until i reached the cemetery and all i seen were about 20 gravestones and a few looked like they were knocked over on purpose. i stuck around another 15 minutes wandering around looking at the names and i even sat the grave stones up that were knocked over but suddenly i feel like something is watching me so i turn around looking for what it might be, but i see nothing so i was pleased to find nothing and checked my phone for the time seeing it was 9:30 and my parents would be home at 10:00 so i started walking home.

Not too long later im feeling like i’m being watched again so i decide to not look back and i tell myself there’s nothing there anyway, but then i i hear something growling and hissing at me so i turn around as fast as i can to see what it is and i see is this thing thats 4 or 5 feet tall witch really startled me because i expected to see a coyote instead of seeing some 5 foot tall creature that’s not even human. I was so terrified i was glued to that spot but in that amount of time i’ve taken in this things full appearance. This creature has large eyes that just stared into your soul with hunger and it was hairless with only a few strings of hair here and there and its skin looked almost gray,dry and i almost thought it was a rabid animal until i noticed it had spikes down its back and long claws.

I finally got up the courage to turn and run as fast as i can and i kept telling myself just a little further and i looked back to see it wasnt following me but i didn’t want to take any chances so i kept going. I finally made it to the road than i slowed to a walk breathing hard due to not being used to running. Before i could completely catch my breath i heard growling again so i looked back hoping it didn’t follow me but it was and immediately i started running until i reached the front door and made my way inside locking the doors and closing the curtains on the windows.

I thought it was over and maybe it might leave me alone since i made it inside but it started scraping its nails on the door than everything stopped i wasn’t sure if it had given up but i started to hear movement under the house, so i thought That’s where it went so i grabbed my dads shotgun opened the front door and shot thinking it might help than i hear fast movement than it came out from under the house and ran into the woods so i shoot again hoping to hit it. Not too long later my parents came home and i was too scared to tell them and after that i would never go into the woods again just to be sure i never run into that thing again.

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