Publix Horror

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So a little about myself… I love to do my shopping at Publix Walmart and Target. It was a night in the winter I drove to a Publix near my house to get some things. I went to the dairy aisle to get milk and then to the produce side as i was getting some oranges i noticed a man near the lettuce staring at me at first i pretended not to notice and walked towards the bakery as I was getting a cake slice and saw the same man but this time walking past the bakery. I rushed to the checkouts paid for the items then out the doors and in my car and locked the doors. I started the car and looked at the building then as i stared at the window the lights inside went off. I drove home and noticed a truck following me, I made a wrong turn trying to lose them but it kept following me so i drove home grabbed the items pressed my car alarm, went into the house and locked the door. Then i put the milk in the fridge then ran up the stairs i looked out the window to see out in the driveway. When i looked through the window my stomach sanked, the man was out there carrying a machete He went to the door then around the house, I called 911 and they came and arrest him I never been back to that Publix ever since. To those of you out and about in public watch your back you never know if someone is following or about to kidnap you and do god knows what.

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