Prophecy came true. God is back on earth.

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Category. True Story.

Whatever I’m about to tell you, will sound crazy and unbelievable. But its the truth. You can listen to it with an open mind and its your choice to believe it or not. But its the truth.

The reason i am sharing this, because I need people to know what is going on even though most won’t believe it, but it will be heard. Important to mention, these 2 humans mentioned in this story were not in any psychedelics, any drugs, alcohol or any kind of influence. They have never used any illegal drugs, nor psychedelics.

There are beings beyond this planet that humans cannot comprehend.

There is a Giant Blue man who is neutral. He is the observer. He doesn’t take sides and the beings are not supposed to. The rules are that every being can do anything they want, as long as they don’t throw off the balance. The blue man observes, he has no feelings on anything and doesn’t take any sides.

There are beings such as Reptilians. They are destructive and power hungry. Reptilians vary in their feeding. They are flesh eaters, soul eaters, consumer of both. Reptilians also feed on negative feelings of humans. There are many different kinds of reptilians. Humans have heard only about the green reptilians. The green reptilians are just servers, the minions. Unfortunately, they are the ones in the high power such as wealthy, and some government officials. They have the power to infect human mind with fear, and influence the human mind for evil. They have the telepathic influence over humans

There are 2 kinds on green reptilians. One, that stands tall with scares that humans have heard about and the second kind are those with frog like legs and walk like a monkey because of the leg’s posture, so they can jump.

Then there is the grey reptilians. Their skin is smooth, oddly enough without scales. They eat flesh.

There are black reptilians as well. They are very dark like the darkness itself, can blend into the darkness.

There are white reptilians, they are strong but they look like lizard prefer walking on 4 with long white tails. They are difficult to kill because they heal faster.

The leaders of the reptilians are bigger than those reptilians mentioned. They are yellow skinned with crocodile looking features. There are 12 of them. They are very strong, as strong as the being that can kill them. The Yellow reptilians have a boss. They serve the Shadow, aka, Satan.

Before we get into Shadow – aka Satan ….

There are beings with the body of fire and the head of giant wolf like creature, but that is not doing them justice. They are neutral but they can chose either side, good or evil. They can even be hired by reptilians. So one needs to be careful dealing with them. You never know which side they have joined. They are giant and strong.

There is a Dark being. For story sake, we will call him the Dark Knight. He is very powerful. He is a giant with silver eyes that shines in the dark. For the record, he is not the dark angel, aka Lucifer, humans are talking about. The Dark Knight prefers to cover his face with a hoody.

This Dark Knight is the keeper of balance. He must be neutral. He is not supposed to take sides. He is making sure the balance between the beings are kept. There is also a purple light, which is the balance itself. No being is allowed to touch it, so not to throw off the balance.

His lair is dark with many doors to different worlds of beings. Out of many doors, one of the doors belongs to the Light being. She cannot step in to his world because its made out of darkness. For eons they spend time together she standing on her side of the door and him standing on his.

And there, finally we reach to the Love being. We will call her the Light being. She is the love itself. With the purest golden light. She is vast, with comparison to earth and humans. She is very powerful. She is the only one with the power to Create.

These are the mentioned beings in the story.

The story of the past.

When the Love being was born, she was born with a twin, the Dark Knight as her shadow as a balance to the cosmos. The Dark Knight is not evil. He just was, his purpose was to balance.
The Love being is a female and the Dark Knight was male. Hence the balance, Light and Dark, male and female.

Before the earth was created, Dark Knight was taking care of the balance from intruders.

One day Love decided to create. First she was building the planet, but when she created the first human, that made a jolt in the cosmos. And the Dark Knight instantly knew, being that he is a balance keeper, he felt it, he knew what she has done. At first his reaction was scolding,
“What have you done!”

The reason he was concerned, because he knew that anything that is created by the Light comes with the shadow. There were consequences of balance.

But there is nothing he could do. The beings are free of choice, and don’t answer to anyone, unless is a destruction then the Dark Knight would have to take care of it.

Everything was going well at first. She created a law of free will. She wanted to make sure there is fairness and peace. Then other beings who wanted a home asked to live in her creation. She is pure love so everyone was welcomed.

There are different beings that have made earth their home.

The creation of Shadow – aka Satan.

The Dark Knight created a planet out of darkness to put away evil roaming in the universe. A prison. The planet also serves a home for the shadows of droplets of souls humans are made of.
The planet has sectors. To keep the prisoners safely locked up, he needed guards.
So he took some of himself and put 2 beings into the planet to take care of the prisoners.

Each being is not allowed to wonder in another’s sector. One of the beings, is blue with blue energy and crystal blue eyes. He is in charge of the left sector of the planet. He keeps an eye on the imprisoned beings of the universe. Each evil being is frozen inside a dome they can’t escape.

The second being is black as the Dark Knight. He had the other side of the planet, of the sector. His purpose was to punish the evil of the universe. He black with black wings, and red- orange, like fiery eyes, aka Satan. ( We will call him the Shadow)

The Dark Knight himself guards the doors to all planets and watches over the balance in the Universe.

Even though the beings are the part of the Dark Knight, they have evolved and became their own individuals, with their own personality.

One day the black being with red – orange eyes, decided he is not content with being the punisher, he wanted more power, more control. So he left the dark planet to gather an army, the Reptilians.

The Reptilians were perfect for his army.

By that time the Light being had created a perfect creation. Everyone lived in peace and harmony. The humans were from the pure creation of her, aka God, “as humans call her”.

Until, the Shadow, aka satan – humans call him, entered the creation. He needed power, he can’t survive in the light and harmony. Without being in the dark planet, he weakens. So he attacked and destroyed most of Lights creations.

When the Shadow left the planet to earth, The Dark Knight could not go after the Shadow to earth because he couldn’t battle the shadow alone. They are the same strengths.

He can only battle him with the combined energy of the Light. But the Light cannot enter the earth without destroying the planet.

So there… the Light watched how her thousands of humans die.
It was the most horrible pain Light has ever experienced. “ Nooooooo” she screamed falling on her knees and cried, as her heart breaking for her beloved creatures she loved so much.

Shadow fed from destruction and grew stronger. He continued infecting humans with the help of reptilians and feeding on evil actions of humans. With the negative energy released by humans, Shadow became stronger and released little shadow beings from himself as his minions. The earth was taken over.

Humans started worshipping the Shadow and the reptilians because they had the power to give humans riches and help them take revenge on other humans for power. Reptilians don’t have pure energy and they wanted the creators pure energy desperately. The reason reptilians got to power because of humans giving up their creators drop of energy that each human has, humans call it a soul. As mentioned earlier, the Shadow – Satan feeds on negative thoughts, such as negative ego, hate, anger, jealousy, and violence. So does reptilians.

But the reptilians also desire the golden power. Today, golden orbs have been seen by people. Those are the reptilians who have eaten the soul, use the power to appear as a golden circle orb.

Shadow – Satan has taken charge of humans, and they are fighting for the power over humans.

The heartbroken Light asked her best friend the Dark Knight for help. She asked him to come to earth with her to help humans, to battle the Shadow- Satan on earth. She couldn’t come alone because as a human on earth she needed protection from the Dark Knight. He agreed. And there it was, he chose a side. The blue man, the observer did not like it. He said to the Dark Knight
“ You are not supposed to choose a side” but to the Dark Knight it was the fair thing to do. To him the creation was being taken over, it was only fair to stop the destruction.

The only way Light could enter the earth is by taking a human form to be born as a human. The Creator is enormous. So she could only enter some part of herself inside a human body.

So in the past, whenever she could, she would take a human form to come and teach the humans of goodness and to teach the ways of love with her best friend by her side. Whenever Shadow would attack, the Dark Knight would battle him and his minions with the combined power of the Light.


There is a woman who is born from a human mother and father. The Love being once again has taken a human form to help humanity to live in peace. The Dark Knight is also born as a human form, from a human mother and father.

The womans’ life will not be shared in this story. All will be said that, she has been watched ever since she was born as human by the Shadow, by sending his reptilians. It has not been pleasant. They have made her life a living hell. The purpose was to break her. They were afraid because she came with the knowledge that will require to teach humanity to connect with the creator.

Before the Light found the Dark Knight on this earth, the reptilians were effecting any person near her, to create abuse and misery as a human being. Every living person in her life has been effected like a virus by the reptilians and shadow minions. By effecting humans near her doesn’t just create abuse but they were closing down opportunities for her to do anything. She was walking bad luck. Every door was closing in her face. It’s been difficult for the Love being as a human.

Also they made helping people impossible. As mentioned earlier, reptilians advance the negative ego in humans, making them more evil, and controlling the human as a puppet.

The Dark Knight on the other hand cannot be influenced by any of the beings. He is immune to them. Today, the Dark Knights protects her with his dark energy putting himself and her and all environment under the protective shield, that the reptilians cannot pass.

The story begins in Nov 2018

It’s important to mention that the reptilians and the shadow minions are like Dark Angel and Love being are from “ different dimensional beings” they are invisible to the human eye. The Light and Dark Knight can see them because they are from the same place. The reptilians can show themselves to humans if they choose to, but also they suck the negative energy from humans in their house while being invisible to an human eye.

I know what skeptics will say, but life goes on it still doesn’t make the story less true.. so on with the story…

One day reptilians sent a grey without scales reptilian, strong one, with flesh in his teeth….obviously he came just after feeding, to see if the Dark Angel came to his powers, to visit the Love being to scare her, as usual, to make her stop what she is doing, thinking she is just in her human mindset. But to his surprise, she had enough of this, so she asked her body guard to find him and do something. Dark angel rushed to action. He becomes his true self and finds the reptilian, becomes bigger than him, grabs him by his right shoulder and pushes him to his knees while the reptilian, trying to escape. But he can’t move. The Dark angel gets his claws, (yeah, when he rages he has claws) to his back of his shoulder injuring him and tells him, “Send the message, tell them to leave her alone”. Reptilian out of knowing this is the end says “ This is war” . Dark angel crushes him with his hands killing the reptilian. To get rid of the corpse, he put his dark energy over it absorb the remains…

Love being was feeling like an animal in a zoo. There are beings coming to look at her, when they found out that the Creator of this planet is born as a human. But those beings have not been any harm. She can see each one coming and looking at her, observing out of curiosity and leaving.

By this time you might be thinking why can’t the Light being protect herself, why she needs the Dark Knight if she is so powerful. Good question, the answer is because the reptilians want her light. Over the years, they have been sucking her energy, and when she does her energy, and lets it out to help humans, reptilians take it and feed on it.

After the reptilian’s death, the reptilians knew they can’t send anyone to scare her anymore, so they decided to trick her, when it didn’t work, they sent the greys, little aliens, which are their minions, to play as friends. The Love being didn’t trust anyone, so she sent the Dark angel to warn them to stay away, and killed them in the process.

A few weeks later, the Love being was visited by a grey woman reptilian. When Dark Angel was sent to take care of her, he ended up letting her go, which later he regretted it. But the reason he let her go was because he needed to send a message, use her as a messenger. He told her “Tell the rest of your kind to stay away or else” and a week later the Dark Knight was ambushed.

Reptilians realized there is no getting to the Love being unless they kill the body guard. So one night when the Dark Knight and the Love being were enjoying their night, the black reptilian came to visit. Reptilian leaders sent a black reptilian because he has the power to blend in with the Dark Knights energy and pass his protection field. He was hiding to get to the Love being but his plans were ruined when the Dark Knight saw him. When the black reptilian turned to left sideways to attack the Light being, Love being caught a glimpse of the black reptilian, by that time Dark Knight caught him “ Where do you think you’re going?!” he said, grabbing him by his shoulder squeezing him like he did with the grey reptilian. At that moment Dark Knight realized how strong the black reptilian was. They have sent this strong one after previous failure. His skin was much harder and black. The fight began. Dark Knight used his sword to slice through the middle of his body, and while his body was dividing into two, the Dark Knight then cut his head off.

Dark Knight thinking it was over, went outside to the back yard with his Light being. She started feeling uneasy, so she asked the bodyguard to look around. Then he asked “ Do you smell that?” But the Light being was distracted, she had to go inside the house, so she didn’t answer him. When she did, he decided to check the perimeter and he saw hundreds of reptilians right behind the protection field he has created. When the Light being came out, she was caught in the middle of a war….

The smell Dark Knight was sensing was the heavy smell of snakes. Reptilians caught the Dark Knight by surprise, they were close, very close, right behind the door of the back yard, and they started to attack. They were coming from all sides. They had all types of reptilians, the frog-legged reptilians, the green, the grey and the black ones. The rest besides black ones were attacking from the top of the Dark Knight. When he creates the protection field, the top of his head is open but he didn’t worry because those who fell got absorbed into darkness.

But the black reptilians were attacking passing through his dark energy field, it was difficult to kill the black reptilians. Then, his silver eyes became black, and his body became silver. Now he remembered why he had the silver eyes, for this purpose. He could battle the black reptilians with ease. Dark Knight found himself surrounded and attacked by hundreds of reptilians. He was fighting, killing many at a time, using his silver energy to crush them, and absorb all of their energies. No matter how much he fought and killed they kept coming. Hundreds became thousands. By the time Light being came outside Dark Knight was weakening and being bitten on the arm. He asked for help. Love being knew what to do right away. Reptilians fears were coming true. They knew that Dark Knight was powerful as the Love being. But together they are the most powerful beings in the universe.

Love being grabbed the Dark Knight by the hand sharing her infinite power with him. Usually dark cannot mix with light, and nothing can penetrate the Dark Knights energy but because Dark Knight has given the permission to the Love being she can infuse him with energy. As soon as Love being infuses him with her infinite energy, Dark Knight got stronger, became bigger than he himself has ever imagined. He didn’t know how big he could get. He became so big, that most strongest 10 feet reptilians could fit in his palm. Now he could crush hundreds with ease, but they were hungry for more…

Dark Knight saw their general and grabbed him. He could tell him apart from the rest ,by the armor he was wearing. He grabbed the general and said, “ Tell them to stop. Enough! Relax! ” . “I can’t!” replied the general, “ they won’t listen to me, the Leaders wont let them, they listen to the leaders” .

“ I will kill you if you don’t stop them right now!” said the Dark Knight. When the General heard that, he ordered them to stop. Dark Knight asked, “ Why? “ “You started this” General said. “ No, I was protecting her, you started this” Dark Knight said squeezing the general. “ Why all this?” Dark Knight asked talking about the army.” “Because she is is threat, you two are a threat to them”…right when he was finished, the army started their attack again. Dark Knight killed the General and he was stronger than ever with the help of the Love being. He fought them with ease and caught a second general and said,
“ This is enough, tell your leaders, lets fight fair, you do what you do, and we will do what we do. Let’s see who wins.” He let go of the messenger and the army stopped, realizing their defeat, they disappeared.

“We are safe for now. They won’t be bothering us for a while”. Dark Knight said to the Light being.

The next day, Love being sensed and saw something, so she asked the body guard to check it out. After the war she was uneasy. When the Dark Knight surveyed the area he couldn’t find any reptilians, but he had a visit from the Wolf head, fiery body being. The being bowed to the Dark Knight, “ Im here to serve you” .

But the Dark Knight being suspicious sent him away. He told the Love being about it and love being advised him “ I know i don’t trust anyone but you, i can’t, but you can give a chance and find out more, you are strong, you can stop them if anything” . Dark Knight agreed, realizing that being in a human body with lack of some memories it’s important to get more information. He summoned back the being and they started to talk.

There were 8 of Wolf headed beings. Only these 8 serve the Dark Knight and the Love being.
The Wolf explained how he had served him and his queen in the Egyptian times, and showed him who the leader of the reptilians are, how they look like and warned him of their strengths. The wolf being, showed the Dark Knight how to kill the leader. They said the leader won’t attack unless they are desperate, because they are as strong as the Dark Knight.
After the help, the Dark Knight thanked him and agreed to call them if he needs help.

One day, one of the 12 leaders of reptilians, the yellow reptilian came to visit the Light being. The Light doesn’t trust anyone, so she sent her Knight to find out more. The Dark Knight conjured the Yellow reptilian. The reptilian showed up as a green, 10 feet tall reptilian, because he was scared. The fear was in his face, he looked like scared puppy, with his puppy eyes, round and black. HIs body language was pulled in, shy. Because the Dark Knight has a reputation of killing every being that comes close to the Light. Seeing that the reptilian is scared, the Dark Knight reassured him that he won’t get hurt. The reptilian told the Dark Knight that he was a friend and he doesn’t agree with the rest of the 11 leaders. He just wants to live in peace on earth without destruction. He wants to help the Light and the Dark Knight anyway he can as long as he doesn’t get killed by the Dark Knight in the middle of the war…

And that yellow reptilians were not yellow in the beginning. They became yellow by consuming the souls of humans, hence gathering strength and becoming stronger and evolving to yellow reptilians. Thats why they can become green and small.

The Dark Knight took the Yellow reptilian friend to his planet to keep him away from the war, for him to be safe from the other 11 reptilians. Because if they found out he betrayed them, he would be killed.

After the 12th was safe away from the war, the Dark Knight went to visit the other 11. Finally he knew where they were hiding.

When Dark Knight suddenly appeared in their safe lair, they were caught off guard. Dark Knight told them to seize the war, retreat their soldiers and don’t come after the Light being anymore, or he will destroy them all. The 11 said , “ You cannot destroy us all or you will destroy the balance”. “No”, the Dark Knight replied, “ I can replace you with another being to maintain the balance”. Hearing that Dark Knight is dangerous for them, at first they nodded their heads agreeing to truce but 2 of the Yellow reptilians attacked with a beam of golden light. They were killed instantly with the help of the Wolf beings who have volunteered to help the Dark Knight to battle the Yellow reptilians. Now, there were 9 left.

The Dark Knight left to his planet to check on the 12th, but upon arriving he saw that the 12th was weak and dying. Because the planet was build to imprison by sucking the energy of beings to weaken and kill. So Dark Knight brought the 12th to the earth and set him free by warning him. “If you ever decide to join the rest of the 9 and betray us, I will kill you!”

The Dark Knight wanted to confirm the truce. So he went back to the rest of the Yellow reptilians, he saw the 12th was back with the rest as a spy. Now there were 10. Truce was confirmed.

A few days later, the Dark Knight could release the shield for the Light to roam freely at night. When the Light went up she saw white reptilians around and tried to attack the Light. Light came back and Dark Knight covered her with the protective shield. They were obnoxiously walking on the silver protective shield like hungry hyenas.

Dark Knight tried to grab them with his hand but he realized they were too strong to crush. So he created spikes on his shield to stab them, but they were healing, fast. It seemed like it was impossible to kill them. So Dark Knight tried something he has never tried, to create a silver shield over them, trapping them between the 2 silver shields and absorb their energies the same way his planet absorbs energies. It finally worked, they were destroyed.

Dark Knight was angry. He went back to the 10. They were startled to see him back. They stood up from their oval table. They had golden robes on. “ What happened to the truce?!” Dark Knight asked. “Light is getting too strong” 2 of them responded.

Dark Knight grabbed the 2 and took them to his planet as his prisoners as an example to the rest. In the planet Dark Knight created a jail cell and locked them in with himself. He was so infuriated with them for all they have done to the Light that, he turned into a violent beast with sharp teeth with blood red eyes and tore them apart with his teeth.
As he exited the cell, he turned and looked at the Wolf beings, and he saw fear in them. They did not expect the Dark Knight to be that way. Then he turned and looked at the cell again, and saw that the reptilians are putting themselves back together again. Then he started absorbing their energy until they became ashes.

After finishing with the 2 reptilians, the Dark Knight went back to the 8 Yellow reptilians to their lair. He warned them again that he will kill them all if they don’t stop attacking the Light. To show them how serious he was, the Dark Knight slashed all 8 with his silver sword in one swing and told them to stay away forever.

The Light and her Knight could only enjoy their peace for a week. One day, the Light being as a human was relaxing on the couch about to watch a movie, when suddenly, her human body started having difficulty breathing. It felt like the breathing tubes inside her throat are narrowing down, and being squeezed. She started scratching at her throat desperately as if she is trying to pull something off. She wasn’t thinking of anything, all she knew was that she needed to breath. The Dark Knight in his human self was in panic, he didn’t know what to do. When the Light beings human body started making wheezing noises, while keep scratching her throat, this gave the Dark Knight the idea that it could be something else. So he calmed down from the panic and focused on his dark shield. He focused on checking the perimeter as usual and became his natural self. Using his natural body of the Dark Knight he saw a yellow giant reptilian holding the Lights throat and trying to choke her. Seeing that, the Dark Knight swatted the yellow reptilians body away from her, hence releasing his hand from her throat. The being disappeared instantly. The Light being had no idea what was going on, but she started feeling better. After she started feeling better, trying to understand what was the cause of the chocking, the Dark Knight told her what he saw and the reason of her breathlessness.

Two hours later, the Light was in her room and she felt something. She can usually feel their presence when they are near. So she came and asked her Knight to check the perimeter as usual but by that time, the Knight had already seen him. What the Knight witnessed how the reptilian was above the Lights room sucking her light energy.

The Dark Knight covered the perimeter with his silver shield and reptilian had no choice but to flee. The Dark Knight had made a decision, this was enough. He connected with the Light to combine energies knowing that he can’t take them all by himself. He blinked into their lair enraged and said, “ You didn’t keep your word, you are coming with me” and grabbed 7 of them, leaving the friend Reptilian behind taking the 7 to his planet.

Upon arriving to the Dark Knights planet, he put them in a cell but because of their combined energy they were too strong for a cell. So he absorbed all of their energy into himself. But the Wolf being advised him not to hold the 7 reptilians energy. To get rid of their energy the Dark Knight jumped into a black lake. The purpose of the lake is to absorb energies. The Dark Knight sunk himself into the water completely to try to cleanse himself of their energy. Their energy remained in the water while the Dark Knight got out, free of their energy. The reptilians were trying to save themselves by trying to get out and because the water couldn’t hold their combined energy they were surfacing out. The Dark Knight created an oval shape dome to freeze them in their place.

They remain frozen up until now. All you can see is their orange light shimmering through the silver dome.

The Light and her bodyguard thought this was the end. But they knew that there must be higher leader who was behind it all…

The Light was visited by a skeleton looking being. He was not tall but his legs and arms were long and very skinny, with grayish- white skin. The Bodyguard was sent to take care of him… When the Dark Knight questioned him, “ who are you? what are you doing here?” The being got scared and said, “ I am just observing, we have heard of the Light is on earth, and I just wanted to see it for myself.” “Aren’t you the slender man?” The Dark Angel asked, “ I have heard stories about you taking children, and you are not the good beings”. The being denied , “ Its not true, humans made up those stories”.

The Dark Knight replied, “ I don’t believe you and i don’t trust you. Leave and let everyone else know to never show up uninvited and if they wish to communicate they must meet with me first and ask for permission. If anyone comes uninvited, they will be killed on the spot, even if they are good. Go spread the message”. The being left and never returned.

A few weeks passed without any incidents. The Light was doing her work ( this will not be shared)

This apparently triggered an alarm in the Evil…

The Light being started seeing someone who was stalking her… Little did she know it was the Shadow – Satan himself. Desperation has hit him. At first he tried to scare her, coming to her as a scary face, with bulgy eyes and white bushy hair, thinking that the Light as a human, will be scared but came to no avail. Then he tried to earn her trust by disguising himself as her bodyguard, twice. But the Light wasn’t falling for it, because she knows her bodyguard very well by feeling his essence. When that didn’t work, he just showed up as a human depiction of Satan. He was tall, with horns, skin as hard as dried leather to his bones. Ironically light’s human self, did not believe in Satan, so she didn’t think of it as a Satan. So when the Light saw him, she asked him, “ What do you want? “ before she finished her sentence, he said, “ YOU ! ”. The Light expanded her light to burn him, but he backed away with an evil laugh… “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” with a deep voice. He thought this might scare the Light as her human form, but she didn’t even flinch.

The Light laid out the story to her bodyguard. So far the human body of the Dark Knight didn’t have the memory of him, so he went to his planet to talk to his blue counterpart, the prison guard. The prison guard, reminded him and told him the story of how he was created and the creation of the shadow, people call the Satan.

The human body of the Light has been suffering with the pains. She has the birth mark of the stab wound on her rib. She has been suffering with pains in the palm of her hands and the ball point of her feet for years. No doctor could identify the cause of the pains. The pains would be severe at times, it would hurt every day… She didn’t understand the reason for her pain, until she remembered, it was to remind her of who she is and to embrace it.

When the reptilian attack started, before any attack, her left hand would hurt severely to the point of tears. It took her awhile to realize that the left hand was like an alarm. Whenever an evil would be present the left hand would let her know…

So… when her left hand started to hurt she asked her bodyguard to check the perimeter. The Dark Knight became a giant with his shield and looked around and what he saw was unexpected. He saw a black shadow that moves in a form of a black smoke all around the perimeter of his protective shield. Behind the black smoke beings, there it stood, the tall giant, Satan himself. He came to fight with all he has got. He was giant with horns, and with fiery eyes ready to fight.

The Dark Angel knew how to fight him because his blue prison guard counterpart has told him how to defeat him. Because the army of smokey shadows were coming toward the Dark Knight, he started absorbing all the shadows into himself and then opened his big black wings wide and tried to absorb the Satan from the distance. The Satan underestimated the Dark Knights power. The Dark Knight could only absorb only small amount of his energy before the Satan ran for his life going underground. The Dark Knight followed him, but he lost him.

The Dark Knight needed to release the energy- the piece of essence he took from the Satan, so he went to his planet and put it in a silver dome next to the reptilians.

The following day, the Dark Knight had a sudden urge to go to his planet, its like he felt it. Upon arriving he saw the prisoned essence the shape of the Satan himself, sitting on the Dark Angels chair.

The Dark Knight has a throne in his planet, and once in a while he goes and sits in it to recharge from the planet… The chair is very powerful, the power comes from the planet that is taken from prisoners, and can make a being stronger. Not everyone can sit in the throne, only the Dark Angel and of course because the other 2 is made from the Dark Angel they can use the chair.

So when the Dark Knight saw the essence recharging himself, while becoming stronger, he sat on the essence to absorb him. It worked, the essence became part of the Dark Knight as his own energy. This is where he learned that he cannot imprison the Satan nor kill him. Because he was created from him, he can only absorb the satan back into himself. But there is a catch, he can’t battle him on his own. The Satan uses human soul and negativity to recharge. But he can be defeated by combining powers with the Light to become strong enough so the Light being can burn away the negativity he has absorbed by humans, and the soul energies as well. And the Dark Knight can absorb the satan as his pure darkness essence because he was made from him.

One day the Dark Knight decided to check up on his Yellow reptilian friend in his lair. Upon arriving he was shocked to find the poor friend is pushed inside the wall of the cave and frozen over with clear crystal. His eyes were open and he could still communicate telepathically. The Dark Angel asked, what happened, and the reptilian told him, “ the leader “ Satan” found me out, and froze me as punishment. Can you kill me to take me out of this”. The Dark Knight refused to kill him, “ No, I don’t have to kill you, I can absorb your energy and keep it within me. When all of this is over, i will bring you back to your body and you can live”. The reptilian agreed.

A few days later, the Lights human hand was “sounding the alarm”, the Satan – Shadow was back again. The same way, with his smokey shadow surrounding the shield perimeter and him standing behind them.

This time he came head on to attack the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight became enraged and enlarge himself as large as the Satan. Satan launched at him, grabbing him by his throat. The Dark Knight asked the Light to connect herself with him, sharing her energy, to combine powers. He then changed from black to a golden brown color, a bronze-like color. And began absorbing the Satan. Satan was shocked to what was happening. He did not expect this much power. He realized if he stays he will be defeated, so he turned away to fly away by opening his giant black wings. The Dark Knight reached out with his both arms and grabbed both of Satans wings and pulled until the wings came off and disintegrated into a shadow, then the Dark Knight absorbed it. Satan escaped…

He hasn’t showed up since… He just sends his smokey shadow beings to watch and keep an eye on the Light and the Dark Angel… Every day the Dark Knight checks the shield perimeter, and keeps absorbing them…

Two weeks later, the Dark Knight was checking the perimeter, the shadows were not as usual. There were like a thick dark cloud, outside of the perimeter and on the shield. As soon as the Dark Knight got up, they ran off the shield joining the rest of their shadows in fear.

The Dark Knight thought that it was odd that they had fear. So he asked them, “ whats the matter, where is your leader?” They responded that their leader has left, and that they don’t know where, all they know that he is gone. They also mentioned that they need to serve someone and they are here to serve the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight started to absorb all of their energies, it was like recharging from his own planet. But there were too many of them, he couldn’t absorb them all.

The Dark Knight decided to go to his planet to check things out. Upon arrival he was surprised to see the Shadow- Satan sitting in his throne, but got off the throne immediately. The Dark Knight asked, “ What are you doing here?” The Satan responded, “I have been waiting for you. I am back to do my duties and to go back to my sector” he continued. The Dark Knight was suspicious, “ Why should I trust you, this is too easy” . The Shadow responded, “ You can take me back into yourself now but you have to do my job. But this means, that you have to stay here, starting now, and your human body will go into a coma, and you will be here”. The Dark Knight said, “ I will let you do your work and I will go back to earth, I forbid you to go back to earth and influence any humans or cause any harm to the Light and her creation. If you ever bring any harm, after my human life is finished, i will destroy you.” The Shadow responded, “Don’t worry, I will not. I want to live in peace. And whatever is about to happen to humans I don’t want to be blamed.”

The Dark Knight returned the energy of a Yellow reptilian friend to his body safely and unfroze his body from the wall that Shadow created. He was free to live.

After the Dark Knight came back, he remembered overhearing the conversation between 2 yellow reptilians in his planet when they were in his prison cell. This is what they said, “ Don’t worry, if he kills us the humans will destroy themselves in 16 years anyway” . At the time, the Dark Knight ignored them. But now it was making sense, because now the Shadow was saying that something bad will happen that he doesn’t want to be blamed for.

The realization hit the Dark Knight, “ You are not here to battle anyone, you are here to stop the humans from self destruction.” said the Dark Knight to the Light.


For now, this is the story. The Light is doing her work and will continue. The actions for the future will be kept away from this story, so there is no tracing back to her identity. She will never release to the public of who she is. WARNING ! Dont believe anyone who claims to be Jesus Christ, or the God herself. Don’t trust any human or reptilian who shape shifts into a human claiming to be a God, Mary, or Jesus. Those who claim such things, those humans are trying to fulfill their egos and ask for worship. True Love Light doesn’t want worship, she just wants peace and gives the humans free will.

Humans should understand why God was presented as a male. Because male is the dominant species. God or Goddess are the names given by humans. Not going get into creation of religious books, how much of Satan had his hands on and put misinformation to brainwash people.

The information about heaven, hell, and what people see when they are going through near death experience, will be kept away from the story. Its for the sake of humans emotional safety.

The reason this story is being shared, so to let humans know, that She cares and she is sacrificing a lot to help her creations.

The reptilians have taken over the wealthiest men and government officials. But what is the excuse of humans to do evil? Humanity loves the idea that something negative is influencing them to do evil, because they hate taking responsibility for their actions. I am writing this story to tell you that over the period of humans existence, reptilians were not that powerful and humans alone were the worst destruction of all.

To save humanity, they need to learn to be better and act with compassion sincerely and take the responsibility for their actions. Most humans have the “ I know it all” mindset. They block themselves from knowledge and advancement. Please know the difference between right and wrong. Its basic, compassion vs hate. Love vs Evil.

The Love is doing her best, and so far she has seen only ignorance and hate. If humans don’t even try to be better, infinite effort of Love won’t be able to save humans from suffering.

The End. It will literally be the end, if humans don’t change.

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