Pre-Slumber party horror

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It was Halloween week. I was about 8 years old when this happened. Ill start by describing my neighborhood, I lived in the middle of a dead end road, two houses away from a set of rail road tracks.

My best friend lived across the street and one house closer to the tracks. We will call her Lara for anonymity sake. My street being a dead end road the only people who came down it were those of us who lived here (mostly older people) the mail man and the few visitors we would have.

It was the first night ever I was going to have a friend spend the night that wasn’t a cousin or any of my moms friends kids. As you could guess I was incredibly excited, I stayed at her house a few times before but had never had her over before for the night. Lara lived with her grandparents and off and on her mother would live there as well. I wanted her to cone as early as I was allowed that way we could play longer but I had daily chores that needed to be done.

Once I finished all the little tasks my mom had for me that day I could barely hold in my excitement anymore and my mom agreed to let me go get Lara.

Without hesitation I said thank you and ran out the door and across the street. On my way over I noticed a strange van parked in front of Lara’s neighbors house directly across the street from mine. It was what I would now describe as a “creeper van” it was a dark burgundy color with only windows in the front, the type that would be made into an ice cream van. I slowed as I passed it to see if there was anyone inside.

I had to walk behind it to get to Lara’s house so I couldn’t see but I could hear people arguing inside.

When I made it to Lara’s her grandma was on the porch smoking a cigarette.

She knew I was there to get Lara so she just told me to go in. I helped Lara pack a few things such as clothes some change and a few things to play “store” (a little game we made to get rid of things we didn’t want anymore and let our friends have what they wanted.)

We anxiously ran back upstairs and out the door. Less than half way down her walk way across the front yard we heard a woman say “towel, towel, get me a towel” Lara and I both turned and were paralyzed to see a woman with a shredded face staring back at us. Her nose was hanging from her upper lip there were holes in her cheeks in which you could see bloody teeth, and one eyelid was badly scratched.

She continued “towel, towel” with each word stepping closer. Lara’s grandmother who was still on the porch threw a towel over her face. The moment we couldn’t see her anymore we booked it as fast as we could to my house.

In a split second we were locked in my room with the window shades cracked slightly so we could see what’s going on.

A few minutes go by and an ambulance and several police cars show up. They get a statement from Lara’s grandma and her mom. We found out a few days later that the woman was a drug dealer who was trying to make a deal with Lara’s mom, when she refused the woman tried to get her dog to attack but in turn the dog attacked her instead. That was who I had heard arguing in the van just before seeing Lara.

It was only a week or so before Halloween so with our terrible sense of humor we joked that the woman had “the perfect Halloween face” to this day I don’t know what ever came of the woman. The dog had to be put down because she had abused it so badly it was vicious towards the officers who arrived on the scene.

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