Possible Ghost In The Basement

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Now, this experience happened to me about 5 to 6 years ago, so some of the details might not be there, anyways, here it goes. I had just recently moved about 6 months ago. I now live in a development fairly close to my old home and it was on a corner of a fairly busy street.

I moved for reasons unrelated to this story. I’m a 15-yo male and this happened to me when I was about 9 or 10.

My brother 8, my cousin 12 and I were all in my small, musty cluttered basement just playing around with the toys because we were bored. And literally out of nowhere we heard a toy fall from the other end of the room.

Now, there was no gust, just the fan blowing on us from this side of the room because is was very musty and humid down there, and from what I can remember, both the windows were closed. Since we were all fairly young, we scare easily and I, personally was and still am a firm believer in the paranormal.

So, I suggested we just go outside and play basketball or something because I was not comfortable at that point. They agreed, and we walked to the up the stairs.

We then heard a box of toys fall off another closed box. Now, the fan was indeed facing the the box of toys, but the box fell towards the fan. My cousin said run and we sprinted up the stairs and made sure to lock the door behind us and that was it. This is the only significant happening I can recall. These kinds of experiences had not followed me to my new home.

And I believe that if there was a spirit, it had no intent of harming us. And one more thing, my old home was rented out to multiple people after a family had lived there for years before then. I really only have one explanation for this, paranormal activity.

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