Pig faced skinwalker

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First off, I am one of those people who, when startled, involuntarily swing sometimes. At the time of this happening, I had taken a large interest into skin walkers and found them VERY fascinating.

I am 15 and was at the trailer alone one day. I had just came in from outside because I had gotten a weird feeling but forgot to lock the door behind me. I was watching YouTube in the living room when I heard clomping. Not like feet, but hooves, coming down the hall. They suddenly stopped. I turned around and saw nothing, so I just assumed something was going on with my earbuds. And I have long-ish hair.

I can see it in the corner of my left eye. I spotted an unnatural movement in my RIGHT eye, so I KNEW this wasn’t my hair, and that I was not hearing things. I suddenly felt like my soul was being slowly torn out of me.

It was a long lasting pain in my heart. When I managed to turn my head, I saw a blur move behind me. I couldn’t move, my eyes started watering.

I felt that I was about to die.

The lights went out, my phone started acting glitchy. Then everything went quiet. Out of fear I managed to look around, but could see nothing through the pitch darkness. I got up and followed the wall until I managed to make my way over to the window to lift the curtain to let some light in. As I was about to lift it, I felt something to breathe on the side of my face. It was the worst thing I have ever smelled in my life, worse than a decomposing animal. I gripped the string, then something scared me even worse.

I heard my name whispered through the darkness.

Like I said, I involuntarily swung. My arm hit fur and I almost crapped myself. I yanked the string and the blind jerked up and what was standing before me, was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. A tall human like figure.

It was so tall it had to hunch over in the room. Long skinny legs and arms. It had claws like an owl’s. Fur in random patches all over it body.

Pig shaped face that was uneven, with sharp teeth jutting out of the mouth. Amber glowing eyes. Then, it smiled. The teeth started to look even worse as the face horizontally stretched. It knelt down, in an unnatural way.

The whole body shifted left and right in order to kneel. The smile turned into an open mouth as if it was about to take a large bite out of my face. I swung again, in a stupid attempt to save myself. As soon at my first made contact, it disappeared. I tried the lights and they turned on again. I locked the front door then locked myself in the bathroom. I glanced out the bathroom window to see the figure walking into the woods.

It stopped and looked over it’s pointed shoulder, and smiled once again. Then it crouched down and a mass of flappy skin and blood was flying everywhere. Then a rabbit emerged and ran into the woods.

I’ve never stayed in the trailer alone again, nor have I gone into the woods alone without multiple friends. Skin walkers no longer fascinate me, but are a thing of nightmares.

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