Phones can be dangerous

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This is a story from my friend Lets call her Kylie shes 19 and in college and she allowed me to share this story with you guys.

So one day Kylie was going to her college. She lives a mile away from her college and she drives there everyday. Ever since she left her parents house to go to college she was living with her aunt. Her aunt was done with work and was coming home early. At the time that she got the message it was 7:00 am. Her aunt said she would message her when she got home. Kylie waited till it turned 8:24 and looked outside through her window. She thought her aunt forgot until she saw a car driving into the parking next to her street. It was an black Toyota just like her aunts car. She walked outside and approached the car. She was busy on her phone and she didn’t pay attention to the driver. When she got in she said ”hey auntie how was work” all she got back was silence. Kylie didn’t think much off it at the time. She sat behind the driver. The car started moving. Right after maybe 5 min she got a message from her aunt saying ” Hey Kylie i’ m waiting outside”. When she got the message she was taken aback . Not knowing what was going on she decided it was a good time to look up from her phone. When she did She got a sudden Sting of fright and pain in her heart. It wasn’t her aunt who was driving it was a 30 year old man with a beard. That’s when she noticed the foal smell coming off of him. She is about 118 pounds and not very strong. So if the guy tried anything she wouldn’t really be able to fight back. She kept quiet as the car kept moving. She didn’t know what to do she wanted to get out, but they were in the middle of the road and she could break something or even die. She messaged her aunt explaining the situation. Her aunt immediately answered back saying she should stay calm. her aunt asked if she got the license plate. Kylie explained she was on her phone and didn’t look at it. Her aunt already Called the police. Kylie thought if she got evidence of what the man looks like it could help the police with finding her. She shifted a little further to the side to get a good angel. She pointed the camera at the guys head. And took a picture not knowing her flash was on. That caught the guys eye. He looked at her through the interior mirror with the most spine-chilling look. And he said ”What the F*ck do you think your doing” He pulled to the side of the road and stopped. When he did there was a slight pause. Then out of nowhere he turned around looked at her up and down and said ” you’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen” he looked at her dead in the eyes. Kylie didn’t know what to say. All she could blurt out was ” please let me go, i wont call the cops please” he changed his expression from a smile to an irritated face.
He said ” I’m sorry but i can’t do that” Then when he said that he lunged at her grabbing her wrists tightly. She managed to reach for his eye and dipped her finger in it. he let out the loudest wail she ever heard. That’s when she took her chance and bolted out of that car.
Running towards the other cars driving. She waved frantically to get attention. Luckily one car stopped it was a family 1 man 1 woman 2 kids. She explained that there was a guy chasing her she asked if they could drive her home. They said she should hop in the back seat.
When the got towards the place she got attacked the guy’s car was long gone. She checked her phone for the picture. It look blurry Probably from the shock of noticing her flash was on. She messaged her aunt telling her she was coming home. When she arrived, her aunt was waiting outside. A Few minutes later they informed the cops that she got home. The cops asked her what the guy looked like she explained every thing she remembered. They never got anything back.
This is just to show how dangerous it is not to pay attention toyour surroundings.

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This was very creepy and I am so glad that she’s okay. I can’t figure out how anyone can be that oblivious but this will teach her to be more aware and that’s always a good lesson to learn.

As for your writing – I was obviously able to get through the story but not without fumbling quite a few times. Sadly the story had no flow to it, the punctuation was all wrong and more than once, I was somewhat confused. I’m far from a writing expert but I wish you would have taken the time to really write this story out because it could have been great. In the future, if you have more to share with us, please follow the rules. Thank you! 🙂


Hi pyjama, your story was really nice to read but I think you could pay more attention to the details of your story. I can’t really say anything negative about your story. I can tell you are new at this. so keep writing and be more imaginative. I look forward to seeing your improvements.