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This story is not mine to tell, but all of the middle school student’s. I used to attend to carver middle school, they have terrible conditions.. The teachers would be very unprofessional in different ways.

Either not doing their jobs or just fooling around. In this case however, this teacher was a Pedophile.

His name is Andres Fernando Cabezas, AKA Mr.Cabezas(Ca-base-is). The was a new teacher who started a little after Christmas i believe. Right away students noticed this teacher was off. He used to go around rubbing the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boy’s backs, and rub their hair.

He would stare at the students and hold them after class just to admire them as he chewed his pencils and pens. He always seemed to have his hand underneath his desk when not walking around.

Doing god knows what. I remember he would make comments about students personal lives saying a pregnant 14 year old had a “Sugar daddy” or something.

I remember he would hover over the girls and look down their shirts and bite his lip. He would even pull students out of their core classes just to hang out with him when he got bored.

The would give them things like old laptops, boxes straws, and old food. Basically whatever he could find.

The worst part is, after summer break, Mr.Cabezas was arrested in a diner in florida for Attempting To Entice A Minor To Engage in Sexual Activity, which means trying to have sex with a minor. He had been found with rope, drugs, and “toys” in his vehicle. An FBI agent lured him into an online trap, posing as a 12 year old girl…. our middle school ages.

If thats not bad enough, he would go into the dark web, and watch toddlers, children, and teens being raped my older adults. That couldve been anyone one of the students at carver middle school.

That couldve been me…

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I’m terribly sorry for what you have gone through, i hope you have only smooth sailing ahead.


I don’t know if ppl continue to give this story a thumbs down because they’re disgusted with this man’s actions or if they’re missing the true horror involved. So many ppl think a scary story consists of the paranormal, supernatural or that creepy guy who follows you home but a teacher entrusted to protect and educate children, who spends his time instead turning them into sexual objects, is just as terrifying. The world has become jaded to these events because, sadly, they happen all the time all over the world and although ppl care, they don’t care enough to let it stop their day. Does that make sense? I think this deserves to be at the top of the list, to ensure everyone reads it and is reminded of the sickening evil that lives within our schools.

Thank you for sharing and including a picture. My prayers are with his victims and I’m glad you’re okay.


Um . . . I think I missed something. When does it get scary?