Pedophile Mall Stalker

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This story took place when i was 13. I was shopping with my little sister in a nearby mall. It was my first mall trip without my parents so i was excited to go to all of the shops they wouldn’t let me in.

Like Spencers or Victoria’s secret. completely disregarding my sisters discomfort with this. I let her go to the shops she wanted first like Clares. Being completely bored with this i started to look around. I’ve always been an observant kid if someone sketchy was around I was aware. But I hadn’t noticed anyone at first probably due to the excitement of the independent trip. But after a few minutes of people watching I noticed a man watching us. He looked around 70 years old and wore a blue button down shirt and cargo shorts.

He didn’t look creepy really but he gave me a weird feeling so I tried to make my sister hurry up without alarming her. We continued walking through the Mall and i see him in most of the stores we went to most of which were for teens. But I tried to rationalize in my head that maybe he had a grandson or daughter around my age. But after the fifth or sixth store I started to fast walk or jog clutching my sister keeping her close. She was annoyed and yelled at me “im not three! and slow down were in a mall not a marathon!”

I ducked into a Victoria’s secret and tried to blend in looking at bras and such with my sister muttering in distaste behind me. When she took a step closer and pretended like the bra in front of her was the most interesting thing in the world when I saw the man.

My sister whispered to me in between fake questions about the bra “do you see that man? He’s giving me a weird vibe.” The man took a step closer to us and looked from me and my sister to the bra i was holding and said “that would look nice on you.” I shrieked I was done with this “help!” i yelled loud enough for the whole store to hear.

A tall man shopping with a woman that I assume was his girlfriend comes over and glares down at the man “is there an issue here?” with that the guy I now call Bra man turned around and walked away. I thanked the man and me and my sister went home and didn’t tell our parents which I now know was a bad choice but I was just worried if I told them I wouldn’t be allowed shopping alone again.

this wasn’t all that scary compared to the other storied on here but i just wanted to get it of my chest since the only people who know are me and my sister.


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