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So I live in a house by a lake in Upstate New York, I’ve lived here for almost 7 years with my family and what we experienced didn’t seem to have occurred until 2016.

We’re not church goers and we don’t have any religion, but during the time before everything happened my mother would be so wrapped up into the illuminati and all her videos about it.

After sometime when she stopped things got weird around the house. One night we all decided to watch a movie in the living room it was during the winter of 2016, the beginning of January.

My mother quickly went in the dinning room to turn off the light that was on and when she turned she seen my brother’s closet doors slowly move off from the wall that we had there to put newer closet doors in his room, so these were the old doors we took out that were moving. She began to freak instantly asking us to come over to see if we could see them moving like she did, immediately I said yes I do see it.

I could feel my eyes start to water and I didn’t know why but I felt like something was right in front of us moving the doors. My older brother Dominick had the idea of grabbing a recorder to put it on the stand closely next to the hall that enters the dinning room.

We all couldn’t keep our eyes off the doors because they wouldn’t stop moving, some points it was a faster force. We caught some strange creepy sounds and voices on the recorder while we were freaking out, you could hear panting or just this weird breathing that didn’t sound human it sounded like it could have been an entity honestly.

When I gotten close to the doors with tears in my eyes the recorder picked up the entity saying “Runnn”. I never gotten goosebumps so badly after playing the playback over.

One morning when everyone left for work and school I was home by myself and around 11am when I was washing dishes I heard a crow slamming against my kitchen window and it wasn’t just one of them it was several at different times of the day before everyone had gotten home.

The next day I was home with my older brother and he was sleeping, I decided to play some music out loud cleaning washing the dishes again.

On my way out to the kitchen something unplugged the stereo, I thought maybe my cats were messing around and accidentally unplugged it but that wasn’t the case. All three of them were sleeping on my mom’s bed.

I plugged the stereo back in and went back into the kitchen after 2 minutes this time the stereo just turned itself off.

I had to get laundry done so by then music wasn’t really in my interest for the rest of the day, When I was doing laundry I noticed the stair ramp was broken off and it looked physically impossible for a person to break it. Another day came my neighbor Jimmy also known as my friends Uncle came over, we sat in the kitchen just drinking some coffee some minutes passed everything’s good, until he screamed and hit his leg.

My cats were no longer around but something bit him.

I freaked out and asked what’s wrong and he said “Something just bit me” he stood up pulled his pants down to show me, it was a huge mark.

That mark didn’t appear on him as long when he went to show his family. It was just gone as if nothing happened.

One night when I was about to sleep one of my cats were sleeping just a bit above my head like always, I soonly began to smell this awful smell. I thought maybe it was my cat like maybe he farted? but I noticed the time. It was 3:20am the smell didn’t go away for atleast 2 hours. I felt like I was being watched, I couldn’t sleep at all.

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