Our Encounter with Aliens

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This story is about my brother Alec, I have a small role. I believe it’s true that Aliens

adopt families. They start with one family member and continue to show up generation

after generation.

Our story begins in Ohio, with Alec who is three and Abigail is six, was with their

mother Olivia. They were visiting Olivia’s brother in a small town in Ohio.

We went to church with Elliot, Olivia’s brother, Isobel, Elliot’s wife, Blaine and Bonnie,

Elliot and Isobel’s children. As we were coming home from church Elliot saw something

in the sky. The three of us were in the back seat playing and talking to each other, Blaine

was two, Isobel was holding Bonnie in the front seat.

As we were going down this country road, Elliot saw there was no one following him,

so he decided to stop and get out of the car for a closer look at the object in the sky. The

three of us stopped playing and were watching the adults.

Elliot pulled over and got out, then Olivia who was sitting at the other door got out.

Isobel didn’t want to get out, she was afraid of what might happen. Elliot hollered at

Olivia to get back in the car, he was going to get to the house as soon as he could and call

the police.

Olivia got in quick and said, “Elliot what is the police going to do?” Elliot said, “I don’t

know, call the military, we’re under attack.” Isobel said, “They don’t act hostile.” The

three of us were looking out the window and all we could see were stars.

We arrived home and Elliot went to the phone. The object was over the house. Elliot

told Isobel to load the shotgun and hide us kids. Isobel said, “Where do you want me to

hide them.” Elliot said, “In the closets.”

Elliot got the operator, he heard. “Operator nine, how may I help you?” Elliot said, “I

need the police, this is an emergency.” The operator said, “Hold please.” Elliot heard

silence on the phone. He was glad they had a long line on the phone, he went to the

window and looked out.

The operator came back on the phone and said, “Sir that line is busy, would you like to

hold and let me keep trying.” Elliot said, “Yes please.” Ten minutes went by and the

voice on the other end said, “Police what is your emergency.”

Elliot said, “Oh, thank god, there is a huge aircraft above our house. It’s a triangle in

shape, there are light’s all underneath it. I need the police at my house now, please.

Bring your guns, we’re under attack.” The police said, “Sir if it is above your house, there

is nothing we can do. I can call the military and send a car out to you. He’ll make a

report when he gets there.”

The police said, “Sir, you’re the fifth caller, and there are more to answer, I’m sorry I

have to hang up now.” Elliot looked at the phone then hung up. He looked at Isobel and

asked her, “Do you have the kids in the closets.” Isobel said, “Yes, but if they land that

thing, we’re all going to die.” Olivia said, “She’s right.”

Elliot took the shotgun from Isobel and headed outside. He said on his way out, “I will

defend my home if I have to die, trying.” The women followed, hoping he wouldn’t have

to die to try. The aircraft didn’t move and there was no noise from it. There was no noise

outside, the air felt heavy.

The police car finally showed up, the policeman stepped out. The policeman had a

flashlight and shine it at Elliot. Elliot held up his hand and said, “Hey, cut it out.” The

police officer said, “Oh, sorry.” Then policeman shines the light up to the aircraft. Elliot

said, “What do you think that thing is?” The policeman said, “I don’t know, I’ve never

seen anything like it.”

Abigail, Alec, and Blaine came outside and started to play. We stopped and watched

the policeman and Elliot talking. Then without any warning, the craft overhead took off

better than the speed of light. It lifts no trace to where it had gone or that it had even

been there.

Elliot said, “Did you see that?” The policeman said, “Yes, I don’t know how to report

this.” Elliot said, “I don’t know, I have never seen anything like that before.” The

policeman said, “I’m going to go back out on patrol.” Elliot said, “Thank you, officer.”

The policeman said, “Not a problem, have a good night.”

Elliot said, “Kids it’s time for bed.” Isobel said, “That’s it?” Elliot said, “I guess, maybe

we’ll hear on the news what it was.” Isobel said, “Let’s go see.” Everyone went into the

house. Olivia put the children in the bed and Isobel turned on the television.

On the news, they said there was a strange object in the air tonight. Over a thousand

people reported seeing it. The Air Force was called, and they have not responded at this

time. They continued to talk about it, but Elliot had heard enough. So, everyone went to

bed and there was nothing else said about the object in the sky.

The one thing that was puzzling was what Olivia said to Elliot and Isobel. She

said, “Bubby, they follow me everywhere I go. They don’t seem to hurt anyone.

Then in 1979, I was lying in my bed, and I told God that if he really did exist to prove

it. Then at the end of my bed was what everyone now calls, A Grey. It was the scariest

thing I had ever seen.

The Grey didn’t have a mouth, but I heard it say, “Tonight you die and will go to hell.”

I said, “Only if you can catch me.” I screamed for Albert, my sister’s, father-in-law, to

bring the gun, there was a man in my bedroom!” Then I ran to the front door, trying to

get away from the monster.

When Alec was twenty-three, he was living in a cabin in the hills of West Virginia.

This is eight years after my incident. One night he was getting ready to smoke a doobie.

The night was the same as any other night, the crickets were chirping. He had a coal fire

going in the cabin because it was going to be a cold night.

Then suddenly there was no noise. The crickets were quiet, and the birds were gone.

Alec said he was so involved in what he was doing he didn’t pay attention. Then out of

nowhere, the cabin lit up, the light showed every crack in the walls that were open.

Alec just knew it was the police. He took his stash and pried up a board on the floor of

the cabin. He put all his stuff in the hole and closed the board again. He walked to the

front door and kept waiting for the police to holler, ‘You in the cabin, come out with your

hands up.’

Alec never heard that, as he was opening the door the light was so bright it hurt his

eyes. He said, “Who’s there?” No answer came. Alec closed the door and hid under the

bed. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in the bed and he didn’t know how he

got there.

The fire was out. Alec said he had enough coal in the fire to last for two days at least.

But the fire was out, and the coal was all burned up. Alec said he didn’t remember

anything. Alec moved out of the cabin and never went back.

About fifteen years later, I was in the Bahamas with my daughter and her friends. One

night my boyfriend and I went out to dinner and the four young adults stayed on the


When we came back to the boat my daughter told me that the four of them were

setting on the front of the boat. As they were sitting there a UFO came over the boat and

hovered over top of them.

She said the last thing she remembers was looking up and watching it. The next thing

they knew, they were all waking up in their cabin. They had no idea how they got there.

So truly Aliens work with families. Alec and I have both seen air crafts in the sky that

people would call a flying saucer. We keep it to ourselves, we don’t want people thinking

we’re crazy.

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