Ouija Board Horror Story

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I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. Every since I was younger I was obsessed with watching ghost adventures and horror movies.

I’m 19 now and decided to buy a ouija board. I’ve done a lot of research and even purchased a spirit box. I’m from Massachusetts and live pretty close to the real life conjuring house.

My friend and I both went there, it’s on route 96 on burrivile ri, the house is further back than the barn and it’s blocked off with poles. We went there at 3AM and decided to do the ouija board across the street. I turned the spirit box on too just for the hell of it.

A few minutes into it and we got ZoZo, we both got uncomfortable after the board told us “kill yourself” so we decided to end it there but left my box running. Driving away from the house you could hear my box say, come back. I know what you’re thinking, don’t do it but we did. I parked back in my original spot and the box stopped talking, my car died. My friggin car, I just got it too. At about 330am it turned back on and we noticed handprints on the windows, we tried the ouija again and nothing.

Instead, something was fucking with my car and pressing the lights on.

A day after that I went into work and jokingly told my GM I thought there was a ghost in here and he told me he’s heard that accusation before. My work apparently used to be a car shop and the mechanic killed himself in the building. An hour later the power went out, everything except my cash register and my name was in red.

Fast forward to that Friday, I did the ouija board with my friends at some park some kid drowned in. Nothing too interesting was really happening until the board spelled out “Warning” and then “Lights out” no idea what that meant. Two days later, I’m on my way home and realize a tree fell down and caused only my neighborhood to go out, my whole neighborhood was black. I have no idea if it’s connected.

All I know is I keep my ouija board in my car and now every time get in my car, I have a random scratch that ends up on me…

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