One last Cigarette

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I lived in a small town in the northwest of England, U.K. There I lived with my mother and later on my girlfriend, I always had a soft spot for the horror and paranormal genres, I think that through this I learned how to explain things that would otherwise seem strange maybe to someone else.

This story starts when I was a mere child, upon moving into the house due to my parents divorce, I never really liked the new place, the environment was more or less the same. Typical English town side streets filled with terraced houses as far as the eye could see, always filled with a gray cloudy sky. I never quite got the feeling of comfort in this new house being only 6 years old at the time it actually could have been the stress of everything going on in my life at the time, but as I got older and more used to living in the house, that feeling of comfort and the feeling of being watched never seemed to leave.

when I was around twelve or thirteen i remember a typical night in my life at the time, my mum would make sure I was in bed in time for school in the morning and nothing seemed too weird at the time, until I woke up out of nowhere in the middle of the night, as I opened my eyes my room was dark but I could still make out the silhouettes of the furniture around my room. Nothing seemed wrong, that is until I heared a woman scream out in fear so loud I could swear it was directly in front of my, as I almost suffocated myself by wrapping my blanket around my head I paused for a split second only to realise my room was once again silent. I looked around once more and all seemed fine, what I did not notice was the unnaturally cold feeling I could feel behind me through my bed sheets. How I got to sleep that night is still a mystery.

About a year passed and again all seemed like a normal day, until I got home from school that day at least. As I got through the door of my house I put my bag and coat on the hanger as always, I went up the stairs on my way to my room, my bedroom being at the other end of the landing to the stairs. as I turned the corner at the top of my stairs I was almost caught in my own momentum unable to stop myself walking as I saw a shadow walking into my bedroom towards the wall, still caught up in my momentum I barely managed to stop myself at the other corner on my landing leading into my room. Safe to say I stayed downstairs that night.

Fast forward a few years myself now being eighteen, I had just arrived home from the cinemas with my friends from college. Once again this was a pretty typical night and nothing was out of the ordinary, until whilst I was sat on my chair watching TV, I saw a shadow from behind me. In the single second I saw the shadow It seemed to fall from the ceiling and that jump towards the door, me turning my head in a snap reaction I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, if I wasn’t already filled with adrenaline already from what I had just seen on my wall infront right infront of me i barely noticed that my bedroom door was swinging like there was some kind of breeze in the room, but I specificly remember my window being closed all night. As I turned around my heart began racing when I saw my window still tightly shut. I remember running out if he house to my grandmas who thankfully only lived around the corner from my and my mother who was at my grandmothers house at the time.

Fast forward again to almost five years later I had recently lost my job and had to move back to my mothers house along with my girlfriend, after I had left she bought herself a dog to keep her company around the house but what with me and my girlfriend living there once more, my mother seemed a lot happier when we were all around. One night I remember my mother was out with friends and my girlfriend was working at her job as a caseworker, she usually worked the day shift but had been called in due to another staff member being off sick. I was home alone with just me and the dog, I decided to stay up late and wait for her to arrive home as she had left and forgotten her keys. This was around 12:30am, I went outside to go for a cigarette in the back yard, George, the dog typically sniffs around and then looks outside the back gate to peak his curiosity, upon finishing my cigarette I shouted for him to come inside when he turned around and stared at what I thought was me. After shouting a few more times I realised he wasn’t staring at me, but he was staring past me, I slowly turned around to my right, I started to turn slow but upon hearing footsteps behind me I turned faster and faster realising the footsteps were of something running to avoid being seen. I took several steps back until I saw it, my mothers back yard was dark but I could easily see the silhouette of whatever made the footsteps, I couldn’t believe what I was currently seeing, was this the thing i heard scream 10 years ago? The thing I saw walking into my bedroom? The things shadow I was on my wall? I couldn’t even think about my past possible encounters with this creature, in a split second reaction I grabbed the dog and ran into the house slamming the back door behind me, I looked out of the window as quickly as I got back into the house, only to see the yard as if it had never been touched, I couldn’t even think about what I had just seen cause I was so scared, I could physically see my heart beating inside my chest. I knew I had to get out of the house, I looked toward the dog and saw him growling at the door like he was ready to pounce. I didn’t even think about what to do next, I just grabbed the dog and ran over to my grandmas house.

The next morning I decided that enough was enough, after all these years I had to tell my mother, when she woke up I pulled her to one side in the kitchen, away from my girlfriend and grandma. Upon telling her about everything I had experienced, the scream and the shadows her face seemed to loose it’s colour the more I told her of what I had experienced. She began telling me she thought it was just her seeing things but she had also seen shadows inside the house and even heard the scream. I asked her if it could have been a neighbour to which she said no, the house to our left was empty and still for sale at the time and our neighbours to our right were on holiday at the time. Not long after I managed to find work and moved back out with my girlfriend, my mother sold the house and moved in with my grandmother and we never mentioned or went near that house again.

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