One Creepy Night

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So, here goes…

A little bit of background info. I’m a 30-something male, and I work housekeeping for a nursing home. Sometimes, I’m asked to work third shift, which can sometimes be a twelve hour deal, from 8pm to 8am. I’m a bit of a night owl, so this doesn’t bother me.

So, October of 2016, our facility got hit with that nasty flu that was going around. The elderly are more at risk, obviously, so we had sadly lost a few of our residents to it. Now, for those who have never worked in hospitals or nursing homes, let me tell you that hauntings are REAL.

I started my shift like usual. Said “Hello” to the few residents and staff that were out and about the building at that late hour. As I am about to go into the basement, through the central stairwell, I punch in the code, and start to open the door. I see someone pass behind the door, as if they were waiting for me to open it, and as I pause to see who it is, I find the stairwell empty. Just then, I hear a raspy “HaHa!” whispered in my ear, close enough to feel breath, yet the hallway was empty as well.

I brush it off, thinking maybe one of the nurses was playing a prank. I continue on with my shift, and for a few hours it is uneventful. That changed when it hit 3am.

I had just finished cleaning up the restrooms on the first floor, when I hear the buzzer for a call light go off. I look down the hall to see the light flashing in a room that I know has nobody in it, as that resident had moved out earlier that day. The nurse on duty goes in, shuts the call light off, and closes the door as she leaves the room. She gets halfway down the hall to talk to me, when that same light goes on again. We both go into the room to investigate, and find nothing, except the faint smell of a cigar. We are a strict No Smoking facility, so no one had smoked in there in decades.

I go into the kitchen to grab a coffee from the machine there. Before they leave for the night, the kitchen staff usually set up a couple of fresh-brewed pots for us late-shifters. As I get my cup and start to fill it, I hear a metallic CRASH from over in front of the ovens. A pan lid was wobbling on the floor, as if it was slowing down after being spun like a top. Now, I know the kitchen staff pretty well, as I had been in that department for a few years before transferring to housekeeping. I know where they kept the lids was on the opposite side of the kitchen, and behind a wall from where the ovens are. For this lid to have gotten where it landed, it would have had to fly around the wall, and pass through a rack of large utensils. And even then it would not have landed with the force that it did.

Most times, I don’t get bothered by the antics of what the staff calls the prankster ghost. But having seen something get thrown around like that… Not something I’m likely to get used to.

Not much else of note happened during the rest of my shift. But as I was clocking out that morning, I bumped into the head nurse. She mentioned that we had lost several of our long term residents that night. So, maybe the events I witnessed were their way of saying “Goodbye…” The hallway light flickered as she told me this.

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