Old School ghosts

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I grew up in a small town in England that had a lot of history. The town had a 900 year old castle, a 500 year old bookstore, multiple 250 plus year old hotels and even the ruins of a monastery that dated back over 1000 years. Needless to say the town has seen a lot.

By contrast my primary (or elementary to Americans) school building was quite new, pre World War One at the oldest. To give you an idea of the layout main building had a small entry way that lead to a hallway that had windows to the playground on one side and 3 classrooms to the right. At the end of the hallway was the teachers lounge and offices. The windows of this old building were unusually high up so to look in or out someone would have to stand on a chair. (that part is an important thing to remember later)
It was a nice school but sadly was scheduled to be demolished and we were to move to a new building after only my first year there (a mixture of location, student numbers, and structural quality if I remember correctly)

There were a few incidents and stories from that school but this will focus on the that happened to me.

1) A simple and almost cliche incident. Myself and my friend were alone in our classroom one day because we had to clean a mess we made (as little kids do) and jabbering on about soccer no doubt knowing us when we hard the unmistakable sound of the classroom door opening and closing. We instinctively turned to see no one. Nobody had come in and the window on the door showed no one on the other side. I suppose someone could have jump to the side but we were close enough to the door that we would have heard footsteps outside, these weren’t the thickest of doors after all. Weird but one that can was easily explained by an adult so I didn’t think anything of it.

2) I was selected to drop off the role call sheet in the school office one day, a major honor for a kid at that age. So I grabbed the sheet and exit the classroom and slowly made my way to the office. Taking my time so I could miss as much of morning math class as possible. My classroom was at the far end of the hallway so I could burn a few minutes if I went slow enough. About halfway there I heard footsteps behind me. My initial thought was the teacher had come to tell me to hurry up except no door opening. It was winter and al the doors were closed. I stopped and looked behind me to see nothing. Most adults would.have been confused but I was a scaredy little kid so I skipped ahead to freaking the heck out for reasons that will become clear shortly and began to quicken my pace, math didn’t sound so bad at this point. Like out of a movie the second I turned my head the footsteps began again. Nope time to break the rules and run like crazy to the office. I entered the office in a sprint and dropped the role sheet on the desk to a confused school secretary. “You know you aren’t supposed to run in the hall!?” Was the initial response; go figure, right?

3) This one had me up all night. Another occasion in which me and my friend were in class alone after everyone else was gone (I swear this wasn’t a frequent occurrence, we were ‘reasonably’ well behaved kids) At one point my friend left for reasons I don’t remember (to let break probably) and I was left alone. Now just to quickly this incident occurred before the hallway footsteps (I saved the creepiest for last, makes for a better story) so I had no issue being alone. I was doing school work in silence, when I looked up to read the board I saw my friends shadow next to me fetching something from the back of the room; except he hadn’t come back yet and the door was on the other side of me and hadn’t opened since he left (trust me I would have seen it) and this shadow now that I focused on it was too big both height and girth to be my scrawny, 9 year old friend. I screamed and got out of their in a heartbeat passing by a teacher who was immediately concern, understandably.

All I could get out of my mouth was heavy breaths so the teacher went into the classroom. She came out and told me there was nothing there. No people, animals, insects, or anything. At this time my friend finally returned and was understandably confused. I told him later and he just looked at me strangely, he was surprisingly level headed for a 9 year old I must admit. I have thought about it many times and can find so explanation. The windows were.too high and too far back for someone to be looking through, and even if they weren’t that area was closed off from the students so nobody should have been there anyway.

That was as bad as it got, thankfully. The next year we moved into a new more modern school building and, with the except of my teachers, I had no new scary incidents. But as to basically cap off the whole story there was one last twist to the story. After the school had been demolished the construction workers made a fascinating yet terrifying discovery. Under that building lay at least 12 skeletons that dated back centuries. Theories ranging from the site once being a site where plague victims ended up to a temporary hospital during a battle on the outskirts of town could be found in the papers but I don’t think the origins of the bodies was ever truly discovered. But it certainly made my hairs stand on end.

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