Oklahoma Plains Wendigo

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It was a normal drive home from the oil fields. That is until i saw something that I have never seen before on this road. Keep in mind that the road i was driving on is not used very often.

It was a row of dead deer lined up across the road. something told me that i need to get the hell out of here i started to turn around to get back in my truck and i saw something something inhuman standing right there by my driver side door it had a deer skull as a head my heart was pounding so fast i thought i was going to pass out it let out a scream not just any scream it sounded like a mountain lion mixed with a bear.

I froze for what felt like hours it started to walk towards me i couldn’t move it stood atleast 8ft tall it started to smell me I thought i was going to die.

I slowly reached for my back pocket to try to get my keys and i clicked the alarm button. It spooked the creature it sprinted away I bolted for my truck and i stepped on the gas i never drove so fast but then i saw something in the rear view mirror. It was that thing from before it was keeping pace with my truck i was going 95mph I couldn’t belive my eyes.

But then I saw the end of the road that lead to the highway as soon as my truck touched the highway the creature stopped chasing me. its been 3yrs since that incident and i always get the feeling something is out there watching me.

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