October Creeper

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This happened several years ago. My best friend, Will, and I were working on a souvenir booth with my aunt at the local haunted house, which opened every Friday and Saturday night in October, plus Halloween.

At the time, Will wasn’t old enough to be an actor in the actual haunt. I’m a couple years older than him, but I decided to work the souvenir booth with him so he’d have someone besides my aunt to talk to.

Anyway, it was really cold one night, and I wanted to get some hot chocolate.

There’s a small convenience store that’s about a five minute walk from the haunted house, and I knew that they sold hot chocolate. So, Will and I walked to the store. When we got there, the parking lot was mostly empty, except for a red truck at the gas pumps. As we started towards the store, the guy in the truck called us over. Stupidly, we walked over to see what he wanted.

I wish to God we had just ignored him. He started asking us all these questions.

I don’t really remember everything he asked us. Then, he takes out a pocketknife and asks us to cut his face. We were speechless. He then goes on to explain that he got in a fight with his wife or girlfriend or whatever, and she smashed a beer bottle over her head and was going to tell the cops he did it. So, he wanted us to cut his face so he could tell the cops that she attacked him.

Will was actually considering it, and I was standing off to the side, freezing cold and shaking, trying to get Will to walk away from this freak.

Then, Will lets slip that we’re just friends and that he is gay, and of course the guy had assumed we were together until Will said that. That’s when things went from bad to worse. He asks Will, “How much do you want for me to have a night with her?” I swear to God, my heart stopped beating when he said that.

I’ve dealt with creeps before, but none of them had ever said something like that. Will, bless his heart, said, “No. She’s off limits.” But the guy wasn’t easily dissuaded. He kept pushing for me to come with him, and offered to drive us both to town and “we could find a nice tree somewhere to have an orgy.”

At this point, I wanted to run, but Will was still standing there and I wasn’t about to leave him alone with this creep.

Then the creep asks us if we had any drugs.

I can’t remember if he asked for anything specific or just drugs in general, but we told him we didn’t do drugs. He also offered to give us a ride back to the haunted house, and I said, “No. It’s literally just a five minute walk from here.” Finally, after asking us one last time if we wanted a ride, he got in his truck and sped off, going well over the speed limit.

I was shaking from fear.

Once he was gone, we went inside the store and told the woman working there what happened. I think she said she would check the security cams to see if she could get the license plate number.

We stayed in the store a little while longer, then headed back to the haunted house. Halfway there, a cop car pulled up behind us. I had never been so relieved to see a police officer in my life. We figure he was going to stop us because we were smoking and he wanted to see if we were underage, but whatever the reason, he never got around to telling us.

We walked right up to him and told him everything that happened, and he drove off to find the guy. When we got back to the haunted house, we told security and the people working in the ticket booth what happened in case the creep decided to show up.

We didn’t leave the haunted house for the rest of the night. Needless to say, I never got my hot chocolate.

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