Not my dog.

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To give a bit of context, I live in Dorset – England, a hotspot for the paranormal in the U.K. I was 14 when this occurred and I had always been very cynical of anything vaguely related to ghosts, monsters and the like, this was partially down to my highly non-religious father who would avoid such topics when my curious mind went asking for answers. This sceptical outlook changed however, that one bleak night in the dead of winter.

School had ended yesterday, so I had the opportunity to stay up as late as I wanted, of course to a reasonable extent. Taking advantage of this long awaited ‘ late-night privilege’, I stayed up until around 2 in the morning, my freedom was assisted my  father working nights, so he came back early morning. After aimlessly scrolling through the depths of the internet I finally got my fill for the day and shut down my computer and went up to bed.

Now I was used to being in the house alone, the normal routine was to let the dog out for a while, let him back in and proceed to lock all the doors. I never felt afraid as my dog (Tai) would always sleep near me; Tai was a huge German Shepard who didn’t take any shit.

After letting Tai out, I locked the doors and proceeded to go upstairs to my room ,where I crashed out straight away and was met with the comforting, yet utter silence of night (as we lived in a rural area). Then the comforting breathing of my dog broke the silence as he walked into the room and sat beside me. I laid on my side peering into the darkness of my room as the dark silhouette of Tai lay there.

As I begin to drift off to sleep I am awoken abruptly with the loud and unmistakable sound of Tai barking and wining, “I didn’t let him back in” I thought as I scrambled to my feet in the darkness. Then an overwhelming feeling of dread came over me as I remembered the breathing and the silhouette of that thing in the corner. I dart my eyes to the corner of my room and am met with 2 red tinted eyes starting back at me, I scream in pure fright as I run for the light, only for the brightness to reveal an empty room.

Now hyperventilating, I begin to try and rationalise this in my head. But to no avail. I go down cautiously and let Tai in the house, making sure all doors and windows are still locked, they were. I called my father and he came home and checked every corner to find nothing.

I don’t know what that thing crouched in my room was that night, but it was nothing form this world I am sure.

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