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I’m 22 female and this story happens to me a week ago.

I came to the office around 8am and I wanted to have a small snack and to grab a coffee. Our office doesn’t have a pantry or a small kitchen so you have to wash your eating utensils, mugs in the restroom. As I was walking ahead in the female restroom then it’s slowly turn dark? Not a electricity black out, it was like Gloomy. I’m not really sure what happen but it’s giving me a vibe that it’s going to rain. Let me picture this, my back was facing the sun then suddenly it turn dark and gloomy and I believe this time was around 9am.

The office was well lighted by sun we have a windows where the sun rise and sun set and everything was bright because of the sun. And I’m hearing voices from female restroom like someone is gossiping there like a 4 people inside restroom, but when I open the door. There’s no one inside, but I could still hear the voices but it was faint then suddenly the voices was gone. I did not freak out because I do not believe in ghost or any sort of paranormal, I was raised up in a religious community.

Surprisingly nothing happens to me and I finished washing my mugs and utensil and when to water dispenser to get a hot water and make a coffee. And I went ahead to my area to eat my snacks and have my coffee. The only weird thing is its very gloomy.
I have official business in SSS Quezon City by 2pm. That’s why I’m preparing my stuff to bring like government documents, money and then checking my iphone if it was fully charge. I was checking the messages then the phone suddenly glitch, I was so scared that my phone is broken because I’m still paying this one in Home Credit and I when to MIS (IT Department) to have my phone check, but they said that the phone was fine. Weird I saw that glitch.

And I receive a text message from my supervisor she told me to cancel my trip because of the traffic, and she assigned me to do something and she needs my help. So I said ok and went to her office. I put down in my journal that I cancelled my trip to day. Everything was normal.
Thank God that it didn’t rain that day. I went home and yeah everything was ok. Then my brother Dexter who was 15 years old came up to me and said “Who are you?” and I was confused and laughed at him and told him “What really?”. I’m still confused looking at him and my mother ask me to have my dinner. All this time that I’m in the house my brother keeps on staring at me, he looked like confused and thinking. Checking his phone and stares at me. He looked like wondering of something. WEIRD. I did some chores and have a rest.

And I start my day again but this time it was darker its 6am and the sun should rise up but until that moment the environment still looks gloomy and like any time soon it’s going to rain the sky was still blue, I came to the office around same time 8am. Its was gloomy cold there and I was just thinking my it was just the climate outside, I just went ahead to my area to work I grab a coffee and read emails. Around 9am I went to the restroom because I need to pee, after I finished my business in the restroom as I’m about to grab knob of the door it turns bright again the sun rise up again. WEIRD
Around 3pm my supervisor needs an update and ask me what happen to my trip yesterday, I was shock. And I immediately told her that she cancelled my trip because I help her out on something. She told me that I left the office around 1:30pm said goodbyes to everyone and she even showed my text message that I have arrived at the Quezon City around 2:45pm. I told her that I have to get something and when to my area to check my journal to horror my business trip has tick mark and have remarks “Yay DONE!” and this moment I have heart was pounding so fast, I was terrified. What was happen?

I check the documents and it has stamp “SSS Main Branch – Diliman – date March 04 2019 signed Michelle ********, ” I was freaking out how this one happen like I remember 100 percent clearly that I was with her yesterday and that she cancelled my trip I’m checking her text message on my phone but it was gone. Like no traces of that message ever happen. I was so confused I went to her and show the documents to her. She said “good job, and thanks” and I left her room.

I cannot focus on my work I was thinking what really happen that day? The day I thought normal. Nothing happen it was just same normal boring day. How would I left the office if I was helping my boss on her paperwork’s. After office hours I went home still thinking what happen yesterday, I came to our house my brother opens up the door for me, he looked at me again and said “Hey you back!” like I was “yeah of course” then the incident that happen yesterday came back to me again. I ask him “did you notice something weird happen yesterday?”

He told me that I look the same yesterday but a bit paler. And I talk slowly I’m giving him a weird vibe and I look like I’m sickly that I’m going to pass out soon. The distinctively notice about my physical features that “ME” that when home last night don’t have a mole. I have distinctively have a mole under left eye. And he told me that maybe I went to a parallel universe or something like glitch and we switches universe. Then it came to me why my brother in “other universe” keeps staring at me.

Up to this day I still cannot believe what really happen, if you have any explanation to this please help me out.

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