no matter how many times I shuffle the tarot cards the negative card are always at the top

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In my house we have tarot reading cards and nobody really used them in the past and they belonged to my grandmother who passed away last year. I started looking through the tarot cards and you get all sorts of pictures with meanings ranging from positive to negative. The positive tarot cards say things like financial gain, love interests on the horizon and just in general good luck. The tarot cards with the negative messages are things like death, break ups, financial ruin and just in general bad luck.

They belonged to my grandmother but I never saw her play with them but they were always in her cupboard. It was like the tarot cards were her pet and she was just looking after them and she did always keep an eye on her tarot cards. When I was a child she would make sure I would never touch them and I asked her many times why I shouldn’t touch them but she would never tell me. She would tell me to go away far from the tarot cards. She never gave out readings to anyone and when she died that was the first time I held my grandmother’s tarot cards. I started shuffling them and I was quite a good shuffler but I thought it was strange that after I had shuffled the tarot cards all of the negative tarot cards would always be at the top. I kept on shuffling and shuffling for ages but the negative cards would always be at the top. I then got every tarot card representing a bad message and put them all at the bottom of the deck and when I checked the first tarot card at the top I was 100% sure it would be a positive tarot card.

I am sure you can understand my confusion when I found all the negative tarot cards back at the top again when I had physically put them all at the bottom of the deck. Then I got the message that this deck of tarot cards always had the negative tarot cards at the top deck somehow and it didn’t matter how many times you shuffled them or broke them apart. It was incredibly unusual but at the same time it was highly fascinating.

I kept asking myself why my grandmother never stopped keeping an eye on them but I guess I was going to keep an eye on them myself from now on. I started to do tarot card reading on strangers and I would show them all the negative tarot cards and I would also make sure that they see the ones with the bad messages were at the bottom of the deck. They would laugh at me and they were all thinking that I was stupid and I couldn’t wait to shock them.

They would gasp at utter amazement when the first tarot card they picked from the top deck was a negative one. They themselves would have a go at shuffling the tarot cards and they would pick from the top deck and it would always be a tarot card with a negative message. They then plucked out all the negative tarot cards from the deck and when they picked from the top deck thinking it would be a positive tarot card the fright on their faces was golden when they saw that it was another negative tarot card.

They were frightened for their futures and some even started crying and I shamefully found it funny. They wanted my number as they wanted to use me for some other time and text me if anything strange had happened to them. That month I got texts of all the people who picked from the top deck telling me that they all had experienced a horrible month. Some of them even went to see other people who specialize in voodoo and witchcraft to do spells on them to take away or defeat any negativity that had invaded their lives.

That’s when I started to hear growling sounds and things moving off the walls towards my direction and it got so bad that I couldn’t sleep properly. One day I awoke with scratches all over my body and I phoned a woman who I once told her to pick a card from the tarot deck and she was truly terrified and went to a witch doctor to do a spell on her to protect her from bad fortune and negativity. As she was telling me what the witch doctor did to her to fight off her bad fortune it then occurred to me that I was her bad fortune.

I was the owner of the tarot cards and so I was the root of her bad fortune and now I must find out a way to get out of this mess. I will try everything from burning the tarot cards and maybe even selling it on to someone else. Hopefully something will work.

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