Nighttime tapping

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Hi, I am a fourteen year old who lives in the upstairs of an Amish house and I have been having these . . . experiences? for a year or more now. I have only seen this thing once and I believe that was a dream, but to keep it short this started a month after we moved into a new house. One night when I was laying in bed playing on my phone when I heard two light taps on a window beside my bed, I froze and, after a few moments looked and saw nothing.

A year later I’ve forgotten about the tapping and have moved into a different room, these experiences last for the course of three or four months, I’m laying in bed reading a book when I hear this, *Thump thump, taptaptap tap tap* on the window facing the foot of my bed. Once again I freeze in terror and, after a minute or two it thumps away and i have no experiences for an insomnia filled month. Dec 13 : I wake up and look out my window as had become the policy, and see something that looks exactly like the rake, a white hairless thing with black pits for eyes staring at me, (this next bit makes me think it was a dream) and every time i blinked it teleported around from place to place and I roll over and go back to sleep.

It’s now February and I have moved into a new room, but over the past month something has been tapping on my window every now and then, but a friend of mine has seen something jump off of a street lamp, heard something stomping in the loft of his uncle’s barn and just a couple days ago something tapped on his window.

P.S. These things are still happening and I will keep you posted, I don’t care if you put this in a video or not, but I may be able to get a photo, if I do i will put it in another post.

Sincerely, X. O. Drahas

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