Night Shift

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I work for a company in Western New York that’s basically a assisted living home. I take care of 10 folks, with one other staff at night. We normally don’t have anyone else come in until 5 in the morning. So from midnight till then, we are alone.

Recently we had a gentleman in our home pass away. He was DNR and septic, so the doctors couldn’t so anything about it really due to it being so severe when they caught it. In this field, you get attached to these guys so it takes a toll on you emotionally when you do lose someone, but it’s not uncommon. In the last 2 years, four have died in my house that I work at. That being said, it’s the most medically challenging house in the agency and considered a “step down” home, on verge of hospice.

So after this gentleman passed away, weird things started happening.

My coworker and I were relaxing on a bit of our down time, when we heard a noise, followed by screaming. We got up to investigate. Nothing. Everyone was asleep just like normal. 15 minutes later, we heard one of our almost nonverbal guys speaking and laughing. Dumbfounded, we once again got up to see what was going on. It was the roommate of the man who had passed away. It stopped as quickly as it started. Creeped out, we shrugged it off.

An hour later after we expierenced that, I was in the back of the house, near where the bedroom was located, doing bedchecks. One of the decorations on the shelf came flying off of the shelf and smashed into the floor. Happily, it was just plastic so it didn’t break. Scared, I hurried up my checks and got out of that part of the house, followed by flickering lights.

The rest of that night was uneventful. The next day, I got into work at 9pm to work a 9-9, and the girl I was relieving relayed me on the days events. She then paused and stated “I was emptying J.’s bag and turned around. I felt something bump into me then and I looked back towards J.’s wheelchair (which is very heavy and hard to push due to a broke wheel we’ve been trying to get fixed) and it was being pushed back into me. Like someone was trying to get me out of the way.” I could feel the hairs on my neck stand up from her stating that. Her excuse being that it was around the time the deceased man usually went to the bathroom before laying down for the night.

That night had lots of off feelings about it. Dread feelings that made me not want to go anywhere near that part of the house, but alas I had to. So dragging my coworker into the room with me, we looked at the bed very quickly. It had a body imprint on it. We noped right out of there. Followed by one of the shower chairs being moved as well.

Small things keep happening and I don’t know when his spirit will find peace, but I hope he does.

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I’m surprised there hasn’t been more activity before now. Especially with the type of housing involved. Was he a good nice man? I ask because it doesn’t sound, to me, like whoever is there, is overly friendly.